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November 24, 2010

2011 TSA Pin Up Calender

by lewwaters
November 24, 2010

Geriatric Terrorists Thwarted By Exam Gloves And Radiation

by lewwaters

Submitted by Bruce R. McCain

Last weekend I visited my 82-year old dad and brother in San Diego, took in a couple of football games and experienced first-hand the latest efforts by the Obama administration to keep us safe in the skies. My journey began at Portland International Airport which does not yet have the new full body virtual nudity machines installed. I sailed though the metal detector without a hitch and without being pulled aside for the invasive pat down search.

I soon sat down with my coffee cup in the large waiting area in Concourse C, listening to beautiful live piano music as planes took off on runway 10R outside the window behind me. What I witnessed next was both sad and surreal, but left me seething nonetheless. To my left a frail elderly man in a wheelchair was pulled over for the invasive pat down search. It took two male TSA agents to lift this near invalid man onto his feet where they held him in place as a third TSA agent wearing blue gloves ran his hands all over the helpless old man’s body, including into his crotch from both sides. At the same time on my right, an equally elderly woman using a walker got the same treatment from female TSA agents. I don’t know if these two aged travelers were husband and wife or I was merely witnessing a bizarre coincidence.

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November 24, 2010

Should State Collective Bargaining Agreements be Declared Moot?

by lewwaters

An interesting concept that I doubt would fly in Washington State, but I would like to see it pursued.

Right off the bat I can see a big problem not only in implementing this, but in getting Democrats in Olympia to agree that a revenue crisis exists to even declare the contract moot.

I wouldn’t mind seeing union powers curtailed somewhat, especially during a revenue crisis as we are currently experiencing, but unless we have leadership willing to take a stand against the public unions, it will never happen.

Zarelli has had his own problems in the past and will undoubtedly receive much grief over this proposal, it comes with the territory. Maybe he isn’t the best one to come forward with it, but regardless, it is an idea worth discussing.

Washington State Senate Republicans have a website, Reset Washington where they also have a poll posted showing currently some 93% of respondents agree with this proposal.

Will the Democrats join in with anything short of stripping the poor and underprivileged of their assistance in favor of protecting unions, which hold some 70% of our budget hostage?