81 Year-Old Democrat Reads Playboy! This is News?

by lewwaters

I make no secret of taking pot shots at liberals and Democrats and lately I have been pointing out ridiculous items directed at Republicans that either aren’t very newsworthy or have no relevance to the story published in the Columbian.

I can do no less when I see something presented as “news” that is either irrelevant to the situation we face in the country or is just dumb from Republicans!

It has long been my personal opinion that the Monica Lewinsky story was intentionally leaked knowing well that Republicans will latch onto any titillating story concerning a political opponent, while the general public will just poo poo it, leaving the GOP standing there drooling, looking fools and the subject, Bill Clinton in that case, walks away with little damage.

That some major scandals concerning him, Hillary and his administration fall by the wayside seem to be acceptable, the GOP pushed through impeachment in the House, while the Senate did nothing, allowing him to finish his term and today, be treated as a hero wherever he goes.

From time to time I look to Andrew Breitbart’s webpage, Breitbart TV as I often find some very relevant items for discussion there. But, seeing“Democrat Congressman Conyers Browses Girlie Mag on Flight to DC” posted on both the Drudge Report and Breibart TV I could only once again lower my head asking, “why is this even news?”

I have no affinity for Democratic Congressman John Conyers, disapprove of much of his congressional record and would like to see him and many others pushed out of government. But come on, an 81 year-old reading a girlie magazine, Playboy in this case is neither news or very scandalous.

Remember the ruckus raised by Democrats a few years ago over Rush Limbaugh being caught carrying Viagra through customs? Remember how Republicans stood up for him over such an irrelevant story?

Can we really do different for Conyers? I mean, he’s 81 year-old and doubtful there is enough Viagra for him to actually act after viewing Playboy.

Come on Republicans; pull your heads out of your butts.

We face some very serious issues and problems in the last few years and it was over such juvenile actions as this that you lost the majority in 2006 to Democrats.

Andy, you too. Let’s stick to some real issues and reveal the actual shortcomings of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Let’s expose and fight their corruption and ineptness.

Thumbing through the pages of Playboy does not fall into this category.

One Comment to “81 Year-Old Democrat Reads Playboy! This is News?”

  1. Sticking to REAL issues. What a novel idea?

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