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December 14, 2010

Note to Clark County Commissioners: We Are Not Your Personal ATM Machine

by lewwaters

Just one week after deciding to raise property taxes 1% for the county general fund, Clark County Commissioners’ will see their salaries go up from $98,224 to $100,224.

Additionally, each will receive $600 a month car allowance, an increase from $500 a month for Commissioners Boldt and Mielke and $400 a month for Stuart, who was just reelected.

Clark County’s jobless rate remains at 13.1% while county employees have seen a wage freeze and continue to contribute nothing towards their health insurance, which cost taxpayers $26 Million for premiums in 2010.

Commissioner Stuart defended the increase saying they did “give up the mileage reimbursement and are saving money by not replacing a policy analyst who resigned this fall.” “We are doing more work,” Stuart said.

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December 14, 2010

Thank You Vancouver/Clark County Police

by lewwaters

Imagine my surprise to look out my window this morning and see SWAT and a line of unmarked Police vehicles slowly moving past my home. But, thankfully they were as it seems we had some drug dealing going on in the neighborhood.

I saw at least a dozen SWAT members going towards the Town Home down the street. A moment later, the ‘boom’ of two stun grenades go off breaking the morning silence. Shortly after that, 3 being placed in the back of a Police Van, handcuffed and heads hung low. Police were very professional in their execution.

As I heard later, one had an outstanding warrant for assault. Not the type of person we wish in our neighborhoods.

I don’t know all of the particulars involved, but I do know that we don’t thank these people enough who risk their lives to keep our children safe and stop illegal drug trafficking in Clark County.

I presume the Columbian will have more of the particulars from the scanners and Police Report in due time and I will leave that reporting up to them.

But for me and several neighbors, I wish to thank these people who participated this morning in this ‘bust’ and hope the courts will carry forward with it by prosecuting those deserving of it.

December 14, 2010


by lewwaters

With our budget deficit looming higher and higher, how much did the state spend to produce the following?