Will Repeal of D.A.D.T. Lead to the Reinstatement of the Draft?

by lewwaters

As all know, the Senate passed the repeal of the controversial Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy implemented by former president Bill Clinton that allowed Gays to serve in the Military, so long as they keep their sexuality to themselves. All that is left now is for Barack Obama, who campaigned on repealing the policy and allowing Gays to openly declare their sexuality within the ranks of the Military to sign it into laws and for the Pentagon.

Repeal passed by a 65 – 31 margin in the Senate, 8 Republicans abandoning so-called Republican principles and joined by 2 Independents to help Democrats pass their long sought after repeal. Sens. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mark Kirk of Illinois, George Voinovich of Ohio, Richard Burr of North Carolina, John Ensign of Nevada and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine.

Repeal had earlier passed in the lame duck House by a margin of 250-175, 14 Republicans abandoning those so-called Republican principles there. Judy Biggert (IL), Mary Bono Mack (CA), John Campbell (CA), Anh ‘Joseph’ Cao (LA), Mike Castle (DE), Lincoln Diaz-Balart (FL), Charles Djou (HI), David Dreier (CA), Vern Ehlers (MI), Jeff Flake (AZ), Ron Paul (TX), Todd Russell Platts (PA), Dave Reichert (WA) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)

Massachusetts traitorous Senator, John ‘F’in Kerry said of the repeal, “The military remains the great equalizer. Just like we did after President Truman desegregated the military, we’ll someday look back and wonder what took Washington so long to fix it.”

Kerry has a decade’s long history of being wrong on issues.

RINO John McCain of Arizona, leading the Senate opposition said of the repeal, “They will do what is asked of them. But don’t think there won’t be a great cost.”

We hear that the repeal may be implemented incrementally, “service by service or unit by unit,” “after careful consultation with military service chiefs and combatant commanders,” says Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

That “cost” McCain spoke of just might turn out to be the most ironic part of this whole debacle.

After years of protests and marches, the anti-war, anti-military, hate-America left succeeded in seeing the Military Draft ended in 1973. Today, December 18, 2010, those same aging hippies, joined by other malcontents succeeded in getting a policy of allowing Gays to openly declare their sexuality within the ranks of the Military.

Part of their argument, when hearing “67 percent of all Marines, more than 60 percent of special-operations personnel, and 57 percent of soldiers in Army combat units believe changing the law would hurt military efficiency, unit cohesion, readiness, and retention,” was to tell them they needed to “get the hell out of the Military!” These are the guys that actually serve on the front lines and fight the battles, not your run of the mill REMF’s.

As said by Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) in the article, Gays in the Military: Obama’s social experiment would have devastating effects on the finest military force the world has ever known, “, nearly one-third of all those who are now part of the best-educated, best-trained, and most-combat-experienced military in history will consider ‘getting out’ rather than serve side by side with openly homosexual men or lesbians.”

Lt. Col. North also mentions the very real possibility of, “thousands of our finest, most effective non-commissioned officers will leave the service at the end of their current enlistment and there won’t be anyone around to train the next batch of replacements, assuming they can be recruited.”

What that means, given the current level of Military involvement against terrorists and the threat of terrorism growing under the Obama administration, not diminishing, there is a distinct possibility that the Military might be forced to return to the draft in order for the Military to meets their recruitment requirements!

Imagine that, the very people that pushed for and won an end to forced Military Service are the same ones who have pushed for this forced acceptance of Gays openly serving in the Military and just might now be responsible for the reinstatement of the draft, an end to the “all-volunteer” Military.

The irony of that is glaring!

But, that is the ‘law of unintended consequence.’ So often that gets ignored.

Oh, if it happens it won’t be tomorrow or in the next few weeks. Might not even happen for a couple years, as experienced combat Troops finish out their enlistments and return to a life of being a civilian. But, the possibility of it happening is very real!

Oh, and all of you who think you can follow suit as did draft dodgers in the 1960’s to avoid conscription, you can forget it.

Canada no longer freely accepts draft dodgers and since you pushed for open acceptance of Gays, claiming to be, or actually being Gay will not excuse your being drafted.

You know, this repeal just might turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to America after all.

But not for the reasons you think.

The next few years look like they will be very interesting, for sure.

12 Comments to “Will Repeal of D.A.D.T. Lead to the Reinstatement of the Draft?”

  1. I heard a story by a chaplain who asked if repealing DADT would mean that he could no longer teach his biblical belief that homosexuality is wrong and is sin. He was told that is exactly what it means and if he couldn’t deal with that he should resign his commission and leave the service. I think all serviceman and women should be given the same option. Are we now going to see: The United States Marines – the Few, the Proud, and the Gay?

  2. Only time will tell the full implications of this, but little do they realize what a Pandora’s Box they may have just opened.

    Reinstatement of the draft may turn out to be one of the lesser things to turn around and bite them in their butts.

  3. So… who will be the first GOP House Member to drop a bill to repeal the repeal?

    Babs? How about you? Let’s see some of that “She’s a conservative through and through, both socially and fiscally” fiction that Hovde was babbling about at her recent, and terribkly ignorant puff piece about you.


  4. Don’t expect the “modern new GOP” to do anything but support the repeal.

    With the growing influence of Ron Paul, especially in our own Clark County, I imagine the new party platform will reflect his ideals (or lack thereof) and he voted for repeal as well as advocates same sex marriage.

    I also imagine little Jaime might just be more supportive of repeal than many think. But, I don’t recall her ever taking a stand on it.

    Hell, she didn’t ever take a stand on anything else, either.

  5. The possibility of a draft is exactly why DADT was repealed.

  6. Care to expand, Jack?

    If you think that this repeal will cause a reinstatement of the draft to catch “rich fat cats” kids and prevent undeclared wars, you couldn’t be more wrong.

    If a draft is needed to replenish the ranks, should as many decide to ETS as have said they would, it will grab all, liberals, whiners, anti-war and others.

    Oh, those “rich fat cats” kids the left whines about not serving, several of them served in Viet Nam, many making the ulitmate sacrifice.

    The left is delusional in thinking they will be exempted, should it happen.

  7. What exactly is it that you are afraid of? Really. I mean really. Act like adults and treat everyone equally and respectfully. Shame on anyone that treats anyone as less of a person just because they are different from you.

  8. Do you mean shame on people that treat conservatives differently just because we think differently?

    As to just what you think I am afraid of, seeing our Military gutted and moved back towards a level of unacceptable readiness, especially while at war.

    I’ve seen this happen twice before over other Democrat policies that left our Military in a very low state of morale and unpreparedness. Under Carter and Clinton.

    You all are who should be ashamed for forcing something on our fighting Troops that they don’t want and that could cause a breakdown in unit morale and cohesion.

    The Military is not a 9 to 5 job open to every willy nilly whim and experiment of the socialist left.

  9. The same has been said about every minority serving in the military. Whites didn’t want to serve with blacks, either. The military is not a democracy, either. You, of all people, should know that. Cohesion is earned through work and trust is built through conflict. If a person proves himself through training, it shouldn’t matter about anything else. How many wannabe soldiers did you see fall apart in difficult training and simulated combat situations that were straight as an arrow? And, you don’t know how many fought bravely beside you that were gay, because they didn’t tell.

    Yes, shame on anyone that treats anyone as less of a person just because they are different from them.

  10. Apples and oranges, Greg.

    Black and Gay are not even similar and actually, an insult to Blacks to be compared.

    Yes, cohesion is earned through trust. And, the problems coming will not be during the heat of battle, but back in base camp. Since starights are told they MUST shower with gays, even though they did before without knowing it, now they will know it and some people are uncomfortable being eye candy for someone else.

    Fraternization is another problem that will be faced. Will 2 gays engaged in sex be prosecuted for fraternization? Will the gay activist accept that?

    You completely ignore that the Military is not about the individual, but the unit as a whole. The testimony I presented of retired General John Sheehan shows what happened in just one unit from unwanted advances and how the unit morale broke down and Troops lost confidence in the chain of command.

    Add to that his quoting from the Defense Department’s recently released sexual assault report, “there’s been an overall 11-percent rise in sexual assaults in the military; 16-percent rise in Afghanistan and Iraq; 32-
    —over 3200 cases of sexual—we’re not talking about sexual harassment, we’re talking about sexual assault. Seven percent of those— that’s about 226—male on male assaults, where rape and sodomy took place. And the Department of Defense will clearly indicate that that’s an underreporting. I would stipulate that, from my days in Vietnam in the early ’60s, when I had this sergeant that almost got a combat patrol killed, that a—226 male soldiers and marines who are molested— that there’s something wrong with our sexual behavior policy.”

    Is Repealing DADT Really All That Important Right Now?

    The latest DOD Report on sexual Assault can be accessed HERE
    Are we expected to believe that will just magically go away now that DADT is in the works of being repealed?

    And, what of our seasoned combat Veterans who have said they will not serve alongside Gays? DOD’s little report on repealing the policy and the effects it will have on the Military forget to include a few things, such as 84.1%. of combat Troops said knowing a fellow troop was gay would have a mostly negative impact on the unit’s effectiveness, 85% of Marine Combat Arms, 75% of Army Combat Arms, 64% overall say having a known Gay would degrade unit trust, 24% said they would leave the military or think about leaving sooner than planned if forced to accept Gays. If only coinsidering active duty Troops, 24% amounts to some 333,000 Troops, while we are engaged in a war!

    91% answered that open homosexuality impacts on combat performance would be negative or mixed. Gates and Mullen didn’t bother to mention any of that.

    You can read through the entire report yourself here

    Many other questions on implementation remain unanswered and can be read here

    And, just in case it is in your mind that those who don’t want to serve with Gay should “just get the hell out,” that is the entire point of this post. If they do and we so no end coming anytime soon to the war or certainly no end to efforts to attcks us by radical Jihadists (who execute Gays, incidentally), will the draft have to be reinstated to fill the ranks back up? As of 2008, there are 118,600,541 deemed physically fit for Military Service. Should those that decided to exit the Military, as tens of thousands did during Carter and Clinton and over something nowhere near as detrimental to them as this, where will recruits come from?

    And don’t forget, Greg, there is no constitutional right to serve in the Military. Well, there wasn’t anyway.

    BTW, “difficult training and simulated combat” ain’t nothing like the real thing.

  11. Interesting…only reasons why discrimination is acceptable. Nice.

  12. So tell us, Greg, do we end all discrimination in the Military? Begin enlisting felons that have decided they wish to serve? Stop discriminating against overweight people? What about pedophiles? They claim they too “were born that way.” What about enlisting those with epilepsy, downs syndrome and any other congenital malady? Why not also enlist the mentally deficient who also wish to serve? It isn’t their fault they are that way either.

    Why discriminate on male/female fraternization? There’s no reason a male NCO shouldn’t be able to order a female subordinate into a perilous situation over a subordinate he might not be so attracted to, right?

    And of course, should a Gay NCO order a subordinate into such a perilous situation that rebuked advances earlier, but actually thinks he is a top notch Troop, no one will think anything of it, right? The Troop will appreciate it and not think he is being sent as retribution, right? Even in the reverse, there couldn’t possibly be any problem associated with it, right?

    Soldiers don’t have feelings, emotions or any human nature, right?

    Like I said before, the Military is not a 9 to 5 job and it is not a social club.

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