GOP Chair That Led Herrera Beutler’s Election Handsomely Rewarded

by lewwaters

It’s no secret that I opposed the election of Jaime Herrera, now to be known by her husband’s name, Jaime Herrera Beutler, as the GOP nominee to replace retiring Democrat Brian Baird as Washington’s 3rd Congressional District Representative. It’s no secret that I resigned my PCO position right after being elected in August and distanced myself from the Clark County GOP due to what I saw as corruption and cronyism in creating an unlevel playing field that heavily favored her.

Herrera Beutler, who brings no substance to the office, won the GOP nomination and ultimately the seat against Democrat Denny Heck, who I also saw as not the best we could offer from our area. I have been accused of “sour grapes” since I no longer support the GOP over the Democrats, both being corrupt and infested with dirty tricks and cronyism in my estimation.

Although my blog is conservative in nature, my support of Republican David Castillo earned me the status of “the enemy” to many Clark County Republican Board Members. A heated exchange with past Clark GOP chair Anna Miller over me and my wife’s reasons for distancing ourselves from the party drew a comment from party chair Ryan Hart that I never saw or experienced anything I know I saw and experienced during the primary campaign.

Numerous times I was accused of supporting Castillo because he and I worked out a deal for me to be hired by him, which had absolutely no truth at all. I supported Castillo because, unlike Herrera Beutler, he gave solid ideas of what he would like accomplish and stood on his values. She gave vague talking points, one time even being jeered by an audience to actually answer audience questions in a Longview debate against Heck.

Due to giving my word to stop slamming her lack of experience and poor voting record in her short span in the state legislature, I stopped blogging about her, restricting my disdain with her to occasional comments at media sites or others blogs.

As I said, the bitter taste left in my mouth towards the GOP, especially the Clark County GOP under Ryan Hart, and the numerous accusations leveled at me, I saw fit to leave the party and label myself an independent conservative.

Nothing reinforces my decision more than reading in today’s Columbian, “Ryan Hart, most recently Clark County GOP chairman, will be [Herrera Beutler’s] district director,” a position most recently held by Baird’s district director Kelly Love, earning a little over $114,000.00 in fiscal 2010.

Hart, who I have respected quite a bit before I saw and experienced the efforts to ensure Herrera Beutler won the nomination at nearly any cost, led the effort in getting her elected. He is the one who sent me looking at Castillo long before Herrera Beutler quickly entered the race less than 2 hours after Baird’s announcing he was to retire.

He is the one who told me it was improper for him to openly endorse candidates before the primary, since he chairs the party, but publicly endorsed Herrera Beutler right away once she decided to enter the race.

He, along with Pacific County GOP Chair Nansen Malin, directed the party’s efforts to promote Herrera Beutler months before the primary was held, Pacific County joining in with Cowlitz County Republicans in publicly endorsing her months before the primary.

And now we read that Hart is hired to assume a well paying government job that I am sure comes with generous taxpayer paid benefits?

I have no doubt Hart is qualified for the doing the job along with many others.

I have no doubt that I will once again be accused of jealousy and sour grapes over this announcement, even though I am not jealous.

But recalling all of the times I was accused of supporting Castillo in order to gain a cushy government job, even though I am a retired auto mechanic by trade, not a secretary or organizer, maybe we see just who really was opting to gain a cushy government job.

And in the end, we are stuck for the next 2 years at least with a legislator not in possession of a single value or idea to better the country or district. But, one who does know how to reward her cronies, the very thing Republicans have long said they oppose.

What other party officials stand to be so handsomely rewarded?

5 Comments to “GOP Chair That Led Herrera Beutler’s Election Handsomely Rewarded”

  1. Lew, God love you for what you are doing. For me, the most troubling part of being politically active is that I have seen people who call themselves conservatives behave in the same despicable ways that those on the left do. Although I am 63, I believed that people on the right, approached issues with honesty and integrity. Boy has my world been shaken. That isn’t going to stop me from trying to get good people elected but it has been a real eye opener and I thank you and others who are willing to put it all on the table so we know who to trust and who are dirtbags. I went to some of the debates between the candidates and I thought David Castillo won those debates hands down and was by far the best candidate. I scratched my head in utter disbelief when the votes were counted. Although he was not in my district, I still in a small way tried to help him get elected. It’s no wonder our country is in such a terrible mess when those who say they stand for the same things as our founders are nothing more than opportunists and advancing their own political careers. Again I say thank you for keeping us up to date on what is really happening.


  2. Thank you, Judy. Like you, my faith in the political system and the Republican party were shattered this last election. David Castillo was by far the best candidate running and one of the best I have met or seen in all my own 62 years. My wife agreed and we did what we could for him, but as you say, we ran up against an entrenched establishment out for self and self only.

    I hate that people have come along and high jacked the title “conservative” to make it what it isn’t. And, that won’t stop me either.

    I guess I’m a fighter from way back and will continue to stand for what I know to be right just as long as I can.


  3. I agree with Judy. It is a liberal, left wing tactic to accuse the opposition (although they were accusing someone in the same party) of what you yourself are wanting to gain.

    I regret that I asked you to keep faith in Ryan Hart for as long as I did. That was my mistake.

    I will never forget the moment that the GOP finally blew me away. It was a sunny day on 99th Hwy, here in Hazel Dell, standing in front of the Fred Myers Grocery store. What I saw, made me want to cry. Then made me angry. Perhaps this sounds melodramatic, but the complete support went only to one candidate, Herrera, and it was apparent to me that day. I will stand by what I say, it was wrong. It was wrong, and it remains to be wrong. No matter how any of them over there try to polish it.


  4. All I can add is, they threw away a perfectly good conservative. In fact, they threw away at least 2.

    Brandon Vick chairs the party now and I like Brandon and his wife, Darci. I think they are a couple of really good kids.

    My only advice to Brandon would be to Watch his Back.


  5. I am also a conservative thinking person when it comes to finances in my own home/domain. But I am an American first and I believe according to the Constitution the PEOPLE are sovereign, not the politicians; hence the opening sentence, “WE the people….”

    That being said it is my thinking that the people working in government are SUPPOSED to be working for the betterment of the people of the nation and NOT to stuff their own portfolios.

    Sadly, America has degenerated into a corrupt system where ALL politicians are stuffing their portfolios, and their “staff” are the people who get jobs by stabbing everyone in the back they need to in order to achieve their own portfolio goals. And on and on it goes.

    The thing that concerns me is the methods these bastards all use. Yes, left and right, Democrats and Republicans, all have the PEOPLE of the nation divided into “PARTIES” and we go to party meetings and drink coffee and talk about local problems, and hand all our power over to the local jerk who goes home and either gets high on his bloated ego, or plots to further divide and steal from the working people.

    America is a nation of working people. Historically we share a vision for the future of prosperity and security. This is not just the American dream. It’s mankind’s dream, to live in peace and prosperity with a modicum of security. Yet we spend our entire lives hating our neighbors, be they the Democrat down the street, the immigrant in our county, or the party member of the other side.

    Do you really think the other HALF of your fellow Americans are ignorant? Have you bought into the stories on radio and TV that tell us we are all suddenly stupid now and the “adults” are in charge? How many more insults will you take until you decide not to keep joining in with the madness?

    How many more Depressions can the nation take before it divides into a hundred pieces? Do you really think America can’t go the way of the Soviet Union? Why do you think that? Do you not see the similarities?

    Are you ready to give up the myth of “the American Dream” that has been used as a wedge and quit supporting people who get the greater part of their treasure from corporations and use your donations as a tracking method for your beliefs, like an Orwellian scenario?

    Are you ready to have a solid secure America which is managed by the workers of America instead of people like you describe above? Are you aware Jaime Herrera Buetler garnered her seat from BIG COAL, BIG OIL, and more? Here’s the site that lists PART of her contributors:

    Finally, are you ready to quit party politics and start loving the people of your nation once again? The choice is yours. What will the future have to say about you?


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