Who Does Herrera Beutler Think She’s Kidding?

by lewwaters

After how many flights to and from Washington D.C. for fund raisers and being back there for arranging her office, where she nearly did flips across the congressional floor, now she wishes us to believe she chose to drive “because it is more economical?”

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler Heads to Washington.

Sorry hon, but your effort to make yourself now appear as one of the regular people fails!

Those who have watched you know better.

December 4, 2011, Herrera Beutler appeared on Hannity along with other freshmen congresscritters. A question answer session with her and host Frank Luntz is as follows,

LUNTZ: Now, the American are trying to judge, they’re going to look you straight in the eye to try to figure out whether you got what it takes.
CONGRESSWOMAN-ELECT JAMIE HERRERA BEUTLER, R-WASH.: Absolutely. And I expect them to. That’s what we run on. I served here as a staff member actually before I went on to get elected.
LUNTZ: And you wanted to come back?
BEUTLER: No, actually I didn’t. My husband and I, we actually made a cross country trek. We drove out here. On the way, we were reminiscing, when we made the decision to run, it wasn’t because we wanted to live here in Washington, D.C. I’m from the West Coast, I like the West Coast. But we decided our country needed a course direction. We either change direction now or the future generations of Americans, my children’s children wouldn’t have the same America I had. And it was worth it to us.

Transcript here

She didn’t wish to return to Washington D.C.? Why the hell did you run then? Why did you rely on dirty tricks to win? Why are you even there? After all, there was a candidate who actually wanted to represent the people and he actually had ideas.

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