Did Herrera Beutler Forget a Pay Off?

by lewwaters

Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington State’s newest Representative for the 3rd Congressional District has achieved her dream of officially becoming a full-time professional career politician in the history books. How she did it never mattered to her, just that she made it and like other establishment career politicians, has began paying off those who helped her step on others to get where she is.

The Republican freshman began by announcing the appointment of past Clark County Republican Party chair, Ryan Hart as her District Director. Hart, in violation of words he spoke to me personally, publicly endorsed her while still chair of the party and promoted her candidacy from the chair, largely ignoring any other Republican Challenger, helping to create an unlevel playing field for the nomination.

Self-professed “Tea Party Icon,” Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick, former opponent of Herrera Beutler, told too many people that he was not going to file in June 2010 so he could back another candidate to “stop Herrera from winning” the nomination. I received several first-hand accounts from some very prominent people, some elected officials, of such words spoken to them by Hedrick.

Naturally, this was all before he ran the vicious campaign he did against the candidate he continually labeled as dead last in the polls and not being anywhere near he and Herrera, who were tied for first place in said polls.

As we all know, due to such tactics that he used, Herrera won the nomination and Hedrick came in second, somehow. I can never explain people’s votes. At times, they mystify me. But, that is neither here nor there now.

Jaime won the nomination as she expected to and we saw Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick throw his full support behind her before the final counts were even finished. In a rambling, self-aggrandizing Thank You Letter to Supporters he wrote,

Over the many months of this campaign, I have gained a great deal of respect for Jamie and the people she surrounds herself with. She won a hard fought race with the honor and grace we should expect of a candidate for U.S. Representative. The respect and integrity the members of her campaign staff displayed during this contested primary should serve as an example for Republican campaigns around the nation,


In the coming months of this election season, I offer her my support and ask my supporters to do the same.

Shortly before the November election in which Jaime defeated Democratic opponent, Denny Heck, we saw Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault domestic violence for allegedly assaulting his wife, an allegation she has since attempted to recant.

Perhaps for this reason, the arrest and allegations of spousal abuse, Hedrick did not receive his pay-off as did Ryan Hart and if so, must be pretty sore about it. That would account for the odd posting he placed on his facebook page Monday, the day before she was even sworn into office.

You read that right, she hadn’t even been sworn into office yet and he is already considering a run in 2012. And, if we are to accept the comment left by Brian Hall, against Jaime Herrera Beutler, the very person he helped ensure won the GOP nomination.

Will he now begin dogging her like he did others in the primary race? If he is serious about running against her, he will have to watch her like a hawk and amass support that he is better suited than the very one he labeled as having “a great deal of respect for” just in August.

Apparently, the old idiom is true and applies to both of these young self-centered people.

He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas

4 Comments to “Did Herrera Beutler Forget a Pay Off?”

  1. Who is he? Apparently Herrera has already forgotten who he is too.

  2. Didn’t you read his “New York Times Best Seller?”

    Why, he is a self-professed “TEA Party Icon.”

  3. Uh no, I don’t have money to waste. A self-professed “Tea Party Icon”? Okay, that splains it… Lucy, self professed. We don’t have any Tea Party icons.

    Just when things don’t seem like they can any crazier or darker in Clark County, they do. To think, people claimed that you were trying to do what Ryan has done. It’s alright though, all stepping on, name calling and all other filth vile, and games, were done in the Lords name, so it’s all good.

    So who is that guy again?

  4. Depending on the outcome of his trail for domestic violence, spousal abuse, it might become “who’s yo daddy?”

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