Do You Believe Reduced Capacity Magazines Will Stop Criminals?

by lewwaters

Legislators would accomplish just as much in protecting the public by passing a law requiring criminals to obey all laws.

16 Comments to “Do You Believe Reduced Capacity Magazines Will Stop Criminals?”

  1. Wasn’t that long ago that a couple of guys went nuts in China, stabbing kids at two different schools, killing a bunch of them…. does that mean we should outlaw knives?

    When people are motivated to kill others, they’ll find a way. And reducing mag capacity makes as much difference as dumping a bucket of sand into the ocean.


  2. All most gun control measures have ever accomplished is disarming law-abiding responsible gun owners.

    Criminals keep theirs.

    Oh, and your question on knives? England has been discussing that for a while already.


  3. “The only purpose for the existence of these devices” is Brady rhetoric
    It isn’t the “bill of needs” we don’t need to justify a need for a fire extinguisher to own one, though we hope to actually never “need” it.

    How about them bazillion capacity ammo clips?
    Are you aware there’s no Hollywood one-stop-shot “smart bullet” with a
    guidance control system available to homeowners? Do you recall the
    Florida incident where police shot a criminal over 30 times yet he
    refused to fall down and quit shooting back?

    One recent example in the news, easily Googleable:
    Houston, Texas
    Ramon Castillo and Eva, his wife of 30 years, Jewelry Store owners face-off with three armed men who were going to tie them up and shoot them in the head. Four bullets pierced Castillo’s body six times because he had to run around getting 3 different “low capacity” guns to fight back.
    Castillo’s condition was upgraded to fair Wednesday, and he is expected to recover fully. The family has set up a website to help with medical bills

    Though “regular” capacity magazines in a “normal” capacity Glock could have benefited Mr. Castillo.

    How bout them “assault rifles?”
    Oops, I mean “home defense rifles”

    AK-47? isn’t that one the Brady Campaign says has “no defensive
    use?” ]

    January 10, 2011 at 9:14p.m Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Deputies
    were dispatched to 3405 Farmosa, NW of Mission,Tx in Hidalgo County in
    reference to shots fired, home invasion by 4 to 5 male suspects. The
    owner shot at the intruders with his AK -47 hitting one of the suspects
    in the chest.

    AR-15? wait no, it seems like only yesterday Dr.
    Suzanna Hupp, testifying before Congress reminded us of a man on his
    rooftop during riots defending his home and life with an AR-15

    How many hurricanes, evacuations and aftermaths or other natural
    disasters have you been through to know what I “need”? Not as many as I have? Then I’m a better judge of that than you are, dontcha think?

    How many of those OPTIONS in your car do you NEED.
    You do want us to decide what YOU “need” too right?
    Got any ice cream in your freezer?
    Please justify why you “need” it, I’m drafting a bill.

    Please leave my freedoms alone, you Brady loophole you, else justify a need

    for your ice cream (smile)

    Thanks founding Fathers, for the “Bill of ‘justifiable usages and needs”
    wait, I mean the Bill of Rights.


  4. Actually, if one thinks about it …

    An EMPLOYEE of the Brady Campaign PROVED 10 rounds isn’t enough.

    3 criminals, at 4 each, and someone gets the 4th… 2 x 3=9 +1 = 10

    carry one in the chamber too?
    10 in mag plus 1 = 11,

    so with 3 criminals … Two criminals can be shot 4 times, one shot 3 times.

    ok, 3 or 4 bullets each right?


    April 2007 in a hospital bed with four gunshot entry wounds and a single exit wound. Colin Goddard “wound up full of bullets”

    Colin Goddard received multiple gunshot wounds to the leg, shoulder, and buttocks.

    (So if he had been a “bad guy” he could have still been a threat, hands and arms and trigger fingers still working)

    Thanks Colin, you proved my point, 10 isn’t NECESSARILY enough to STOP a threat from 3 home invaders, 3 robbers, a street gang …. maybe not even enough for 2 criminals, possibly not enough for one criminal

    To any Bradys reading this:
    Situations vary, you don’t know what I need, and you sure don’t have a right to legislate based on what you imagine I need, obviously one of your employees disproved your assertion that 10 is ALWAYS enough to STOP a threat.

    I’d rather use the “normal capacity” (the capacity that was designed and tested) than your “reduced capacity” magazines with additional parts, plugs and such which add an extra part subject to fail. They aren’t hi capacity nor high capacity but normal capacity. So stop trying to cripple them.


  5. I can see no reason for ‘reduced capacity’, as shown in the video, a competant gun handler can change magazines quickly.

    I have not handled a gun since my army days in the early 70’s yet I am sure I could change a magazine quickly even now.

    Question; if it is a criminal offence to have a large capacity magazine, will criminals obey that law? I think not.


  6. That’s the whole point, Steve. Criminals don’t obey the laws anyways, so a new law just restricts law-abiding responsible gun owners.


  7. “Oh, and your question on knives? England has been discussing that for a while already.”

    Here in the UK knife law is already in place.

    It is only legal to carry a folding knife with a blade of less than 3 inch length, (law made by act of parliament).

    It is illegal to carry ANY fixed blade knife unless that knife is needed for your work, and then it may only be carried to, at and from work, (one guy was prosecuted and convicted because he stopped at a store for some groceries on his way home from work and still had his knife on him).

    BTW, fixed blade INCLUDES those craft knives that carpet fitters etc use for work.

    Oh, and you know how those lock blade knives are safer for the user because they cannot accidentally close on the fingers of the user? Well an over zealous police officer found a guy carrying one and decided that it was a ‘fixed blade’ knife and arrested him, the guy was prosecuted and found guilty, he appealed and the appeal court upheld the decision, THIS MAKES IT LAW THAT CAN ONLY BE REPEALED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT.

    Keep fighting for your rights, don’t let them criminalise you for ‘what you MIGHT do with your gun’s/knives’.


  8. I hadn’t heard that it was already law banning certain knives, thanks for the update.

    As the conversation here turns away from all the vitriolic rhetoric blaming others for what they said for the January 8 shooting here, and moves towards new gun control legislation, I like to remind people that in spite of the horrific shooting in Tucson, Arizona, some 350,000,000 guns in America hurt no one.

    In fact, several might have saved someone.


  9. What did “Babyface” Nelson do after being shot 17 times?

    Oh yeah, he killed the 2 agents that shot him …. then went home.
    (Only to die later that evening)

    Here’s an interesting more recent headline from a few months ago:

    Read the headline twice, think about it…………good thing Police had enough ammo to stop what they perceived as a threat.

    Angel Alvarez, hit 23 times in Harlem shootout with cops, held without bail on weapons charges


  10. Ever take a bunch of kids fishing and try to keep all their hooks baited?

    When taking a group of kids, for example a 4_H club, or church youth group to the range, it’s more fun if you don’t have to make them all stop so often to recharge magazines.

    There’s been MILLIONS of magazines sold which aren’t “reduced” capacity, one was used in a crime, perhaps there are other uses, ya think?

    Still, once again, ice cream has no beneficial purpose other than to increase health care costs by increasing the incidence of overweight people, increasing high blood pressure, increasing cholesterol, increasing risks of heart disease … that’s some dangerous stuff, and absolutely no beneficial use.

    So don’t try to legislate and re-write the “bill of “you are too young to know what’s good for you, so I’ll play mommy and decide what you need or what benefits you”

    Why not look at the crimes you try to prevent and look for a common thread?

    I noticed that criminal shooters try to move around shooting lots of people and then escape, EVERY SINGLE one is aided in that goal by a common thing they wear.
    Ban shoes.
    (Airports will be safer too, TSA makes you take them off anyway)


  11. Isn’t reducing elderly disabled people’s magazine capacity a violation of “equal protection under the law” in favor of 4 or 5 home invaders, to the detriment of the elderly disabled person?

    So, who do I contact to file an Americans with Disabilities complaint against legislators trying to assure my death in my own home by causing me to call a “time out” for 5 minutes while I reload … do robbers respect “time outs” .. do I have to make that “T” sign with my hands like they do in sports? I hope not, I only have 1 hand, it’s arthritic and I can’t do the T-sign ..


  12. If you enjoy freedoms, thank a Vet, if you enjoy them a lot, thank a Disabled Vet.

    Brady Dictionary:
    Loophole [loop-hohl] or (ˈluːpˌhəʊl)
    1) freedom

    Usage: Householders are set to defy a law banning “old fashioned light
    bulbs” and “non-energy star compliant” appliances by exploiting a loophole in new legislation allowing owners to sell them to individuals without government paperwork.. Legislators want to eliminate that “loophole”

    Loopholes can be frightening to a totalitarian government feeling a need to control us more.

    No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

    That’s the THIRD Amendment, and to assure that, the Second was written, so “the people” would not need to be forced to do things, by a standing army.

    as ratified by the States:
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


  13. one more thing.

    If you want to keep the freedoms you enjoy, for which many paid a price, contact your legislators.


  14. Thank you for the video Lew. Nothing beats a real life example. 🙂


  15. Even supposing every law abiding citizen turned in their evil magazine.

    Here’s the thing:

    Criminals bring tons of drugs into the country weekly.
    Jared knew where to buy them.
    Don’t think criminals can bring magazines into the country?

    Got any dogs trained to sniff plastic yet?
    Got any plastic in your cell phone, car, luggage?
    Is the polyester in my shirt a plastic?
    Tear apart anything made of plastic that comes in?

    You don’t think Jared could find out where to buy one?
    He found where to buy drugs.
    You don’t think those drug cartels will also sell magazines if it’s profitable, and be easier to sneak by the dogs?

    So, what did you accomplish?
    You got millions of them out of the hands of people who weren’t committing crimes and used them at the practice range.
    You got millions of them out of the hands of people who could use them for defense, since it isn’t unknown for one criminal to fight after being shot 17 or more times.
    You got millions of them out of the hands of people who needed more when attacked by multiple attackers, who turned theirs in.

    Crackheads will have them, bought on the same corners they get the drugs, just through the new distributor, sales tax not included. Current distribution network suffers job losses, tax revenues decrease, yeah, we need more of that.


  16. It would save them a lot of time and trouble and accomplish just as much to write and pass a law requring criminals to obey the law.

    That is what they cannot seem to figure out.


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