Vancouver to Celebrate Future Soldiers

by lewwaters

Every year, all across America, High Schools graduate a senior class. Young men & women beginning their lives and moving into adulthood. Some go on to college. Some move on to technical schools. Some enter the workforce right away.

Many are recognized for their scholastic or athletic abilities by receiving scholarships to further their education in universities and are celebrated in small banquets held by donor groups.

Some graduating seniors choose a different path, a path of sacrifice and service to our country, often under the harshest of conditions in faraway lands. They enlist in the Military, embarking on an adventure that will guide them through life, whether they make a career out of it or serve a single enlistment.

Those young men & women are being celebrated in some communities as well, as seen in the video from Times Square in 2008.

Plans are in the works for Vancouver to join in celebrating these young enlistees this year as well, tentatively planned for the month of April, it is anticipated to involve 40-50 enlistees from the Vancouver area. Future events anticipate including the entire Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan area.

While this first event will most likely be more informal, sort of a picnic type event, planners hope future events will be more formal, as in a dinner event.

LTC Thom Crowson, Commander, U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, Portland, has appointed a Civilian Advisory Panel to get the event off the ground. Presently, the Panel is comprised of Brice Barrett, Larry Deibert, Bob Knight, Curt Loop, Jesse Oliver, Larry Smith and Rick Stone, with plans to recruit others to the panel as the event unfolds.

I am told Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo “is on board and is pushing hard.”

Vancouver city council member Larry Smith, a U.S. Army retiree says, “We want to recognize High School students at graduation who will enter the military. We recognize academic and athletic scholarship students at graduation. Why not students who will serve in our military following graduation? We think these people are very special.”

I couldn’t agree more. We shake their hands walking through stores and airports. We meet them in restaurants and say “thank you.” We may even anonymously pay for their meal, but this is usually after they return, after they have faced war, after their deployment ends.

Why not send them off knowing the community not only supports them, but celebrates their decision to stand up for our country? Why not show them how much we appreciate their willingness to make the sacrifice?

This is an event I am supporting 100% and hope you will too.

Vancouver, let’s make this 1st Annual Future Soldiers Recognition Event a success. Let’s help were we can to get this off the ground and ensure these graduating seniors know we appreciate and support their decision to serve.

Future contact and information will be available through:

Ft Vancouver National Trust Attn: Memorial Day Service (CMAC)
General O.O. Howard House
750 Anderson road
Vancouver, Wa 98661

3 Comments to “Vancouver to Celebrate Future Soldiers”

  1. I would like to add since I have several friends from the North Oregon Coast & South West Washington Coast that serve out of Portland. Maybe we could possibly include them in the festivities?

    And yes, I would LOVE to see this happen. This town has enough of their other side at Esther Short Park and over the Evergreen Blvd. Bridge. I LOVE this idea!


  2. Yes Jeremy, it is a great idea. Long overdue.

    As I read the first draft, which is all available at the moment, due to such short time to organize and plan the event, this first year will be for Vancouver/Clark County. But, successive years will be to include both sides of the river.

    Many plans still need to be made and I’m sure donations will be needed. They are looking for a suitable outdoor venue for this year with hopes of an indoor more formal event next year.

    As I receive updates and more information, I’ll post them and yes, I plan on being there to show these kids my own appreciation.


  3. I would like to have 5 of those army logo


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