More Left-Wing Love & Civility

by lewwaters

Somehow, such comments directed towards Clarence Thomas, an African-American, aren’t racist.

2 Comments to “More Left-Wing Love & Civility”

  1. Lew,

    You know what bothers me about this video? Listen to the leading questions that he is asking a lot of the people who he is recording.

    Now I don’t say the rally is some thing that I agree with & the rhetoric is way across the line that I have problems with it also.

    But I feel that this guys recording is so way over the line than what I hear what is happening in the rallys behind him. (And if watch other videos like this one, I agree some of the this side political battle axes were aimed at the former president and were wrong to compare him to things LIKE a former german leader.)

    Do you believe that a lot our citizens are being propagandized and let around like a bull with a nose ring?

  2. Other than him saying “we’re all friends here,” I don’t really see them all that leading.

    Obviously he is there to elicit comments and mot likely there were many not so hateful, but he basically did exactly what the blamestream media did by selectively focusing on only some at Tea Party rallies.

    Is it leading? Most likely, but how do we combat it if we play fair and they propagandize?

    It would be great if the news was really just the news, not biased propaganda, but we know it is rarely just the news any more.

    In a sort, I see him fighting fire with fire.

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