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February 10, 2011

Officer Leaves Gun in Public Restroom, Seeks Public’s Help in Finding It

by lewwaters

An unidentified Oregon State Police Detective is no doubt in a bit of trouble, if not totally embarrassed right about now. The officer, nick-named ‘Barney Fife’ by me for now, took off his holstered pistol while using a rest room in Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Hospital yesterday and left it in the stall when he was done.

He did not realize he had left his Glock 22 behind until after he had left the hospital.

Oregon State Police contacted Hospital Security who then searched the area and interviewed hospital workers and visitors.

The gun is described as a black Glock model 22 (pictured below), and it has been entered into the Law Enforcement Data System as a lost or stolen weapon.

If anybody sees a pistol matching the description wandering around the streets of Portland or Vancouver, looking lost and out of place, you are urged to contact Sgt. Jon Harrington at 503-731-3020, ext. 258.

KPTV 12 News

February 10, 2011

Governor Gregoire Honors Illegal Aliens

by lewwaters

Ignoring the fact that Washington State is deeply embroiled in the worsening economic decline, it is utterly unbelievable to see a group of about 400 people marching upon the capital in Olympia opposing budget cuts intended to close the multi-Billion dollar budget gap.

Even more astonishing, many in the crowd appear to be in the country ‘ILLEGALLY!’ As such, they are lawbreakers! Illegal aliens!

We recently saw in a Seattle Times report: “An estimated 230,000 illegal immigrants were living in Washington state in 2010 — 35 percent more than three years earlier,” with the claim by state senator Val Stevens, “the illegal-immigrant cost to the state is $272 million a biennium for such functions as social services, health and corrections.”

At the rally, illegal immigrants gathered to “urge lawmakers to oppose cuts to medical interpreters and health care for kids and fight bills that require immigration status checks before issuing driver’s licenses.”

While illegal aliens whine and cry for public tax dollars to support them, information entered in Immigration Form I-864, sponsorship of a legal immigrant states, “The information will be used principally by an immigration judge, USCIS or a Consular Officer to support an alien’s application for benefits under the Immigration and Nationality Act and specifically the assertion that he or she has adequate means of financial support and will not become a public charge.” (pg 9)

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February 10, 2011

Military Heroes Issue Joint Statement Urging Fight To Reinstate Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell

by lewwaters

By Rees Lloyd (reposted with authors permission)

Comrades, Colleagues and Patriots: Two of America’s greatest living military heroes — Admiral and former U.S. Senator Jeremiah A. Denton (USN, ret.), a P.O.W. for seven years, seven months in Vietnam; and Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret.), Medal of Honor recipient (Vietnam) — have issued an urgent joint statement published today by and its “Whistleblower” magazine, calling on all Americans, and veterans in particular, to take a stand and fight for reinstatement of the “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy to prevent the transformation of the American military by the creation of a “quad military” (homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and transgender).

[Heroes to Congress: Stop destroying military]

Among the most decorated military heroes in American history, Admiral Denton and Gen. Brady, both of whom have appeared as guests on The Victoria Taft Show on KPAM 860, condemn the rushed repeal of DA/DT by the post-election, lame duck 111th Congress of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama as a “danger” to the military and to the nation. They urge the newly elected 112th Congress to reinstate DA/DT.

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