Damn the Taxpayers, Full Speed Ahead on a Wasteful Bridge Project

by lewwaters

The country is near broke, teetering on bankruptcy with the highest deficits and debt in our history, the state is struggling to find ways to fill a multi-Billion dollar budget gap and somehow, Obama finds some $400,000,000.00 to pledge to replace a perfectly good bridge across the Columbia River that will include extending Portland, Oregon’s loot rail over to us, whether we voters and taxpayers want it or not.

Vancouver’s mayor, Tim Leavitt, who sold out the voters with his lies that he would oppose adding tolls to any bridge project states, “This isn’t a piecemeal project. You do not build a bridge without light rail and without a local financing piece. This is all or none,” concerning Portland’s refusal to cover their portion of the bridge project unless we in Clark County submit to blackmail to bail out financially bankrupt Tri-Met and Max Rail in Portland by extending it across state lines in Clark County and add tolls to cross the bridge to get to their filthy city.

Of course, if Leavitt wasn’t such a wuss, he would stand up to Portland’s sweetie pie mayor Sam Adams. But as we saw last year, in the now internationally famous ‘gavel down’ incident of city council member Jeanne Harris, he can’t even stand up to a little woman.

No, it’s easier to lie to voters to get elected and continue raping taxpayers any way imaginable to fund whatever whim comes cross his desk.

Our illustrious respective governors finally pulled their heads out into the sunshine and dropped any idea of the ridiculously expensive and unproven long-studied open-boxed web design, leaving 3 to choose from.

Ignoring a simple yet effective, and economical design, council has opted to go for the cable-stayed design pictured below, complete with its own set of problems destined to drive the cost of the bridge back up.

The simplest and most effective alternative, the deck truss pictured below was rejected for some reason. Maybe because, as mayor Leavitt chimes, “the new bridge will have a lasting imprint on the city for as long as any of us are going to be alive, that’s for sure.” It appears it is thought to not be “pretty enough.” What the real reason is isn’t stated.

Adding insult to injury in this ongoing fiasco, Loot Rail will be included on any new design, the hell with voters and taxpayers thoughts on it. Even after the discovery that we have been being deliberately lied to on the inclusion of Loot Rail being a federal requirement and that voters have defeated extending Portland’s folly to Clark County every time it is on the ballot, it continues to be shoved down our throats.

Even Mom in muddy tennis shoes, Senator Patty Murray has breezed into town in the past weeks to strong arm weak kneed officials like Leavitt into screwing voters and taxpayers over, shoving Loot Rail down our throats.

Odd too is seeing where Don Wagner, the co-director of the project for Washington rejects the simple yet effective and economical deck truss design upstream stating, “We ruled out upstream because of potential historic properties and protected Native American sites that could possibly be there.”

When was the last time anybody involved in this bloated project expressed giving a damn about taxpayers and voters, except city council member Jeanne Stewart, who was ousted off of the C-Trans board over her standing up for constituents?

Ms. Stewart remains the lone voice of sanity standing up for taxpayers and voters indicating proposals to pay for this pig in a poke project by tolling “a regressive form of taxation that especially hurts low-income people who need to drive to Oregon for work.” She states, “Tolls punish people for their choices.”

Actually, Ms. Stewart, tolls punish us for poor choices by your fellow council members, the majors of both cities, the governors of both states and the elected elite sitting on their butts in Washington D.C. as well as whoever it is in the downtown mafia that stands to come out of this project wealthier than before and on the backs of struggling taxpayers.

We have a chance coming up to take another stand on this boondoggle, though. A notice sent out by taxpayer/voter advocates NoTolls.com informs us,

You are invited to participate in a listening session conducted by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure regarding legislation to reauthorize the Nation’s highway, transit and highway safety programs. The listening session will take place on MONDAY, February 21, 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Vancouver Service Center (PUD Building) located at 1200 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA and will be open to the public.

The committee is seeking input on reducing the number of Federal surface transportation programs, cutting government red tape, streamlining the project delivery process, increasing private sector investment in transportation projects, identifying creative financing alternatives and other ideas for improving accountability and performance in these programs.

Please come ready to protest against light rail and tolls. We encourage you to make your own signs and bring it with you.

This is our chance to show Washington DC that this community does not want the debt associated with this bridge project!

Send your comments by email, fax, or phone. Let the representatives know that you want your comments to be put on congressional record. Please write, call or fax ASAP before the listening session!


Geoffrey Strobeck
Subcommittee on Highways and Transit
Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
U.S. House of Representatives

We are encouraged to remind them,

1. We don’t want tolls in Vancouver
2. It is the wrong project and this project will not solve congestion as the bottleneck is in Portland.
3. We don’t have the density or ridership in Vancouver for Light Rail
4. The states are too far in deficit to provide their portion of the funding

Citizen comments will be limited, but congressional staffers will be on hand to receive material you bring if unable to comment.

Our voices have been ignored for far too long. We deserve better and do not need an expensive project shoved down our throats that we voted against.

Although our voices continue to fall on deaf ears, we cannot go silent and continue allowing ourselves to be treated like sheeple with endlessly deep pockets at the expense of our families.

If at all possible, I urge you to be present at the Monday session and show your disdain with this mistreatment of citizens with your own sign or comment.

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  1. I will never get there so thank you for letting me visit with your pictures. Love you blog and look forward to your posts.

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