AFP’s Malin Labels Former WSRP Chair Esser Lobbying For The SEIU a “Freakin Embarassment.”

by lewwaters

If there was any doubt that replacing Luke Esser with Kirby Wilbur as chair of the Washington State Republican Party in any conservatives mind, it should be clear as a bell it was the right decision now that Esser has resurfaced as a lobbyist for “Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 775, the union local that represents some 40,000 home-care workers.”

Eric Smith at Washington State Wire quotes Esser saying, “There’s no better guy for the job than [me]. Republicans need to have better lines of communication with unions and organized labor. Casting against type can be a good thing.”

For quite some time, Republicans in Washington State apparently have been doing just that, “casting against type” by retaining Luke Esser as party chair, knowing all along he was not a conservative and at best, was a RINO (Republican in name only).

Little wonder the GOP in our state has done such a poor job winning elections when you have such weak kneed people leading the party and silently advocating the opposition as he states that he “has been a longtime supporter of the union’s efforts to organize homecare workers.”

The Seattle Times coverage of the revelation quotes former Pacific County GOP chair, who was unable to gain a single GOP candidate to run for office in her county and who served just a few days a member of the state GOP executive board before somehow being named executive director of Americans For Prosperity’s Washington State chapter saying, “Finally public. What a freakin embarrassment” on her twitter account.

I’m sort of at a quandary how she can call his support of the SEIU a “freakin embarrassment” after she jumped whole hog into the dark underground and back stabbing dirty tricks that gained the GOP nomination for 3rd Congressional District candidate for Jaime Herrera, who herself is known for her co-sponsorship and twice voting for HB 1329, a bill that would have forced child care centers in the state into the SEIU.

Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

Why I Question Jaime Herrera’s Judgment

Malin knowingly lied about a sitting state senator who supported an opponent of Herrera’s in a letter to the editor during the campaign.

She joined in with other county GOP’s in endorsing Herrera for nomination months before the primary, when there were several challengers vying for the seat more qualified and experienced than was Herrera.

She took a biased position during a contested campaign, feeding information favorable to one candidate (Herrera) over all others vying for that seat under the GOP banner.

And now, she can say someone doing basically what she did last year is a “freakin embarrassment?”

Ms. Malin, allow me to introduce you to, “Pot, meet black kettle.”

Esser is now out of the closet and has exposed himself for the RINO we knew he was all along.

It’s your turn now, Nansen.

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