Loot Rail Opponents to be ‘Gaveled Down’ by Mayor Leavitt?

by lewwaters

No, it isn’t “censorship,” just ensuring opposition speaks to a wall in the dark where they won’t be heard, he thinks.

I credit David Madore and Josephine Wentzel for ensuring that if this idea is implemented, other cameras will be running to catch it, just as was with the ‘gavel down’ moment last year.

Note to Mayor Leavitt: You and the council members were elected to “represent,” not lord it over or dictate to us.

KGW News

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6 Comments to “Loot Rail Opponents to be ‘Gaveled Down’ by Mayor Leavitt?”

  1. Now I am starting to wonder if this mayor actually has any credibility left. And I am a person who voted for him. And now there is someone who may not agree with a subject and he does not want the audio-visual part of this meeting recorded?

    Why does he feel that the cameras need to be turned off?

    Is he afraid that the shenanigans are going to be recorded? That have gone on in the past won’t now be recorded?

    I have always wondered privately why the C-tran Board and RTC meetings are not recorded via audio or video recording. And now it is going to be city council meetings?

    Man, I have so many questions and this whole city council mess is another embarassing circus. I am starting to wonder WHY I moved back to Vancouver 2004 or so. This whole mess is so embarrassing and it continues to be so. If the Mayor continues to be such an embarassment, he might get himself recalled over it.


  2. My guess is he is reacting to pressure from Patty Murray, Identity Clark County and whoever the rest of the fatcats are that stand to make millions off of our backs in this boondoggle.


  3. I hardly doubt its clark county that is giving him pressure to put this boondoggle forward. In fact, I was surprised to hear that Steve Stuart, Pat Campbell & one other city council member was at David Madore’s meeting some time back.

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB-aslJ0XkI (watch at the very end.)

    I would generally believe that City of Vancouver interests PLUS Patty Murray’s office and some other political interests are pushing this bridge and it is weighing heavily on Tim and the city council. I mean when you have the Port, 2 billion dollar project downtown (Gramor) and a lot of other special interests pulling their weight around, what do you expect is going to happen?

    I regret not going to yesterdays project sponsors meeting. Because there without the any video cameras recording, you would have heard what the next steps are going to go on with this project. And I suspect FURTHER that any continuation of the meetings on the Washington side will not be covered by cvtv because of looming further budget cuts. And those crc meetings have to have an invitation from WashDOT or the CRC staff to continue to tape them.

    If you REALLY want to put Tim in a hard place, ride him like a pony and many make sure he can’t squirm out of taping the city council meetings just because there is not enough money. What about bringing in some volunteer people from FVTV? (Fort Vancouver television, a peg access channel provider. Which is run with county grant?) They learned so much from Jim Dennman & the departing Donna Mason, I would think they might jump at the opportunity to be a more effective. Though I cannot speak for the FVTV board or its voltuneer base, I think a nice phone call from someone at the city or clark county might be a start?

    Maybe make it a temporary 6 month or one year internship with one of the local high school video production classes? (a lot of the high schools in Clark County have awesome vp classes! and they produce a great number of programs for their local districts.)

    And I think WSU Vancouver may have a digital production class that I have been hearing a heck of a lot about!

    So there is a couple of options right there might might not cost as much as having a video production barebones employees for the city of Vancouver or Clark County staff.

    The City AND county are going through a huge cable franchise thing this year that might last a decade, so that is also going to be a part of the city situation.


  4. This is nothing new. The conservative administration at Clark College does the same thing–lord over the faculty, staff, and students, and dictate all decisions. I guess this is just what conservatives do. So much for being the party that abolished slavery.


  5. Odd that you have such a hard-on for conservatives, and ignore liberals doing much the same.

    Jeanne Harris isn’t very conservative, is she?


  6. (Ms) Part-Timer, that was very loving, the way you lumped all of one kind together. Is this a part of “Respecting the Differences” at Clark?

    This is really odd to me, I thought the college was liberal, all encompassing and all.


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