This is Obama’s America?

by lewwaters

71 year-old Ray McGovern was forcibly removed from George Washington University where Hillary was giving a speech on how the protesters in Egypt were being mistreated by government officials.

McGovern’s crime? The Military Veteran, a member of Veterans for Peace stood silently and turned his back on Mrs. Clinton. “According to Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, attorney with the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, ‘For this peaceful expression of dissent, he ended up bruised, bloodied, arrested, and jailed’.”

Sky Valley Chronicle

Four years earlier, McGovern, an anti-war activist, verbally confronted then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, asking him why he lied about WMD’s. As security approached McGovern, Rumsfeld stopped them and engaged the Veteran.

Of the different exchanges, McGovern says,

“When Clinton started talking about how people beat up and arrested people in Iran, it gave some poetic justice, a great irony, to my standing there and what happened to me then, when she’s talking about what happened in other countries and there I am being handled in a vicious way…God knows what would happen next. Maybe some senior would ask her questions (she doesn’t take questions). As bad as Donald Rumsfeld was, he let me speak. He let me speak and engaged me in dialogue.”

“At the same (Rumsfeld) speech, there was a courageous guy who stood with his back to Rumsfeld the entire speech. They left him completely alone and he walked out at the end, unbothered. Four years later, things have changed.”

Yes Mr. McGovern, Obama and the Democrats took control of the country and government.

5 Responses to “This is Obama’s America?”

  1. DHS “See something, Say something” (unless it’s something anti-government, or anything we don’t want to hear, or first amendment related, or if we don’t like your looks, or you are a “whistle-blower” or discover problems with our airport security procedures, or …)


  2. Obama like Bush has no respect for the rights of dissidents. Neither one like the ACLU’s view of the Bill of Rights.


  3. If you notice, even Ray McGovern admits he was allowed to speak at a Rumsfeld event and another protester stood silently with their back to Rumsfeld, unhindered.

    I would have more respect for the ACLU myself if they weren’t so selective in their support of the Bill of Rights.


  4. Wasn’t Rumsfeld was a private citizen at the time? There are many free speech cases from the Bush days still under litigation. I will admit defending the Bill of Rights does have a anti-regime bias.



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