Public Unions Rally in Olympia to Continue the Rape of Struggling Taxpayers

by lewwaters

It didn’t take long for the public union machine to rally the troops and bus in their rioters to disrupt Freedom Foundation’s rally to show support for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, attempting to deny free speech to those whose desire it is to feed and clothe their own families in Washington State.

As the words of President Roosevelt warned us back in 1937 when he said, “All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service,” and “I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of Government employees,” public unions would become a pariah on our nation.

From knocking down a smaller woman to homophobic outbursts, many union members have shown they have no sense of serving the public and only wish to gouge an already struggling populace in their greedy quest for more. From wanting lavish facilities, higher wages, fully paid for benefits and less working hours, union bosses have brainwashed too many public union members into forgetting who it is that pays their paychecks.

Cries of “corporate greed” are laughable coming from public union members, unless you consider a struggling or unemployed taxpayer a greedy corporation.

That was seen this morning in Olympia, Washington as public unions quickly mounted their effort to disrupt a supportive rally for Gov. Walker. Union members were bused in early to be on hand as taxpayers arrived. The SEIU even had a pancake breakfast on hand for the bused in rioters, even though their rally was said to scheduled later, but overlapping.

Although their plans called for their rally to be held in another area of the capital, several union rioters had to be removed from the steps of the Temple of Justice because of their refusal to not-accost the taxpaying citizens who were able to make it up there.

If they want to "stop the war on the middle class," why not get their hands out of our pockets?

Republicans are a disease, but they readily strip us of our wages

Who is putting class warfare in their classrooms? Maybe the ones indoctrinating the kids to urge their parents to let them go hungry?

Will they soon get to where they allow a home to burn down, unless the see a union sticker or extort more from an already struggling middle class?

Socialist propaganda provided by socialist in support of public unions at Olympia today

More socialist propaganda

Not Olympia today, but sums it all up pretty well

Since the Obama regime seized power, America has only further divided as his public union minions have become his army to squelch the free speech of freedom loving citizens and further rape an already struggling populace.

Corporations don’t pay the salaries of public union members, which has now grown beyond that of private unions, we taxpayers do.

Obama and the public unions have declared war on the American middle class, as they embrace support from communists and socialists alike to take more of our taxes to fill their union coffers that goes to keep re-electing Democrats, who continue to rape American taxpayers.

They have created an “us versus them” atmosphere in America, ignoring that we are who pay their salaries.

We have to push back and I urge all legislators to vote now to bust public unions. End their raping of the American public.

It is not “Protect and Serve” to continue extorting what little wages the middle class has left.

See also: The Political Economy of Government Employee Unions

Public-Sector Unions Choke Taxpayers

Isn’t it about time unions, especially public sector unions, paid their fair share and shared in the sacrifices?

9 Responses to “Public Unions Rally in Olympia to Continue the Rape of Struggling Taxpayers”

  1. Ads by Google
    Lew, this Google ad was at the bottom of this article. (Paid for by the SEIU.):
    “Stop Home Care Cuts
    Olympia politicians keep Corporate Tax Breaks while cutting home care

  2. That’s Google for you, Martin. I never see any ads and WordPress must ad them to help pay for the site. We don’t have to pay.

    But, leave it to Google to push their leftwing agenda.

    Still doesn’t undo the photos.

  3. One convienient point that you right wing faciasts always leave out is the fact that Union workers ARE tax payers and in total pay more taxes than Non Union workers. The reason there are deficits across the country is the FACT that the upper one percent are NOT paying thier historical share of taxes even though they are using child labor over seas and have the largest profits in history.

  4. And one main point you leftwing shitheads always leave out is even with paying taxes back to the treasury, public unions are still a drain on it.

    And, if you hate wealthy people so much, invent a better mousetrap. Oh wait, that means you might have to actually pull your head out of your ass and do something productive.

    And, just what is the “top 1% historical share of taxes?” They currently pay more in dollar amount that the bottom 90%.

    So, just what is “fair” in your feeble mind, since the bottom 47% don’t pay any income taxes at all?

    Stop listening to your commie friends, you’re too much like them already.

  5. First, let me say I firmly support private Trade unions. But public unions… No.

  6. I won’t disagree with that, Martin. I’m personally not all that big on private sector unions, but will admit they have accomplished good for workers over the years.

    Public sector unions are in entirely different matter. There is no incentive for anyone to represent the employer, me and you and the struggling taxpayers.

    They are unwilling to shoulder their fair share of the burden, so they must be broken.

  7. Nothing but thugs. This is the group Levitte should be worried about, but noooo.

  8. Like spoiled brats, just as long as everything is handed to them and they get their way, everything is fine.

    And, there are a lot more union members beside Police & Firefighters that are causing this problem.

    But Leavitt, he’s a union ass kisser.


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