Council Member Burkman is ‘Disappointed’ in Mr. Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Continuing the Madoreophobia seen in Clark County Washington, city council member Jack Burkman, after clearing up some information on previous employment, expresses his “disappointment” that a video of Jeanne Harris and her now famous “Gavel Down” moment was captured on video at a public event and has been made available on the internet.

CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition

Those “conditions” that upset council member Burkman amounts to honoring free speech rights before council.

Maybe too, Mr. Burkman doesn’t realize that something on the internet, remains on the internet. The video can be removed from the website, but it remains elsewhere.

Trying to deflect blame onto David Madore for the meltdown and for the subsequent consequences endured by Ms. Harris isn’t going to wash. For whatever reason, she did meltdown and was outrageously over the top and it was caught, during a public event on public TV. No one has any blame except Jeanne Harris.

I fully understand her embarrassment over the meltdown, but she isn’t the only one to have been caught in an embarrassing moment publicly. Other public officials have been caught and much more was been said about it. I don’t see them whining about their misconduct. They act like adults, apologize, as has Jeanne Harris, then move on. And yes, they continue to hear about years later.

Ask George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and several other public officials from the past.

You have every right to express your disappointment, Jack.

But, this whole controversy is over citizens expecting the same from the Vancouver City Council.

2 Comments to “Council Member Burkman is ‘Disappointed’ in Mr. Madore”

  1. Harris supporters like to say this was a one-time occurrence but having attended some of the city council townhall meetings, I can attest to the fact that Jeanne Harris has consistently displayed an arrogant attitude towards those who have a differing point of view from hers. She has always treated them in a condescending way and in this particular incident, her true feelings finally were exposed. Yes, her true feelings came out once, but her disdain for citizens who disagree has been consistent.

  2. Had Harris’ meltdown not be captured on tape, does anyone seriously think she would have apologized or had ethics violation allegations raised?

    They claim they represent the city of Vancouver. Do they not know that a city is its citizens, those very people who stand up time and again to have their voices heard?

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