You Need To Work On That Sarcasm, Bart

by lewwaters

Apparently feeling left out of city council brouhaha’s seen in the past months in Vancouver, Washington, and not getting what he feels is his share of the attention,  our newest and youngest member of city council, Bart Hansen decided to chime in on the ongoing exchange between citizens who oppose the boondoggle Columbia River Crossing and extending Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled Loot Rail a short distance into our state, and city council.

Although his condescension towards citizens comes across very clear and plain, he could use a little work on his sarcasm, which fell flat last evening at the council meeting.

CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition

Bart, m’boy, I’ll tell you the same thing I said to Tonya Rulli. If you really wish to know about insults and intimidation, talk to a Vietnam Veteran and listen to what we heard, saw and had to deal with coming home from a war few understood in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. If you re so bothered by hearing “follow the money” and “follow the power,” I doubt you could have handled coming back to America back then after experiencing the hell of Vietnam.

I’ll leave you with one thought, Bart and something you really ought to consider. As you say to citizens, “think how you look on TV.” Imagine what you look like now with this juvenile little rant of yours.

Work on the sarcasm, Bart, you haven’t quite honed it very well just yet. If you need help mastering sarcasm, call me, let’s do lunch.

6 Responses to “You Need To Work On That Sarcasm, Bart”

  1. *Sighs* I watched that and felt so stupid to have to listent o that. That was even more juvenile than some of the other stuff that I heard.

    Bart, if you are reading this. The reason why you are not being the target of the CRCP crowd is one, you have no connection to that process, two you don’t serve on any associated boards related to the CRC project like RTC, Bistate commission or the Project sponsors council. Third, you have only been on council near a year? Most of the average seniority has to be at a minimum 8 years (Tim leavitt being the 2nd youngest seniority member and he is the mayor) to 16 years for council member Jeanne Harris.

    Now I do make some reference to Pat Campbell who has been around for nearly 3 years but he’s been politically hot for nearly 5 years. And every other person I have not mentioned has been a former city employee or associated council members for 10+ years or some City connection.

    Bart, get some experience under your belt, keep quiet and you’ll learn the ropes just like Pat did. Your still the greenhorn and your embarrassing yourself and your council around you. You have enough things to worry about on council. Please let us get to know you as you but stick your foot in your mouth please?

    Lew, look back in your archives. Bart has embarrassed himself before. Remember Bart’s comments and that you got offended about? I think it was related to some form of first amendment speech thing at Esther Short Park and the city was going to limit that?

    Boy, things are starting to become even further clearer. Is the city over the past year trying to curb free expression. Remember the proposal by the mayor wanting some control over the instant crowd and insurance provisions of marches and activities?

  2. Yes, Jeremy, I opposed his election over his equating free speech at political gatherings to a rock concert, in wanting the park ordinance to be passed.

    Many people have chastised me over my view on Bart and told me how “conservative” he is. But, I haven’t seen it yet.

    I know he went to school with my youngest daughter and he might think he is on top of the world, but he has a lot to learn about life in general.

    This little tantrum of his isn’t on par with “Gavel Down,” but if he continues, he’ll get there.

  3. My current concern is why we continue to have to deal with this three ring circus for the past two years since TIm Leavitt became mayor? I never remember being embarrassed to be linked to this city until this whole masquerade got out of control upon him becoming the mayor.

    May be I need to start linking and remember this fact when I have to vote for the next circuit of elections for the city council? I do believe that 3 of these guys are again up for election in 20011? Jack Burkman, Bart Hanson and Pat Campbell, And two of those three have me seriously wondering…… (And Pat is the straightest shooter of that bunch.)

  4. Jeremy, I believe it is Pat Campbell, Bart Hansen and Larry Smith who will have to run again if they wish to remain on the council.

    I have not heard if any have stated they will, but imagine all 3 will, especially Bart who just ran.

  5. Bart Hansen works for the Clark County P.U.D., which will expand greatly because of the CRC project. He will not be promoted unless he supports light rail and tolls. It is all about Bart Hansen’s career, not what is right for the citizens of Vancouver.


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