Pompous Bloated Rich Guy Complaining About Other Rich Guys Having Money

by lewwaters

Leave up to Michael Moore, who has amassed more wealth that the vast majority of citizens could ever imagine, to sit down and complain about other wealthy people having money.

“They’re sitting on the money, they’re using it for their own — they’re putting it someplace else with no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We’ve allowed them to take that. That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours. We all have this — we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it,” Michael Moore told Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

“I think we need to go back to taxing these people at the proper rates. They need to — we need to see these jobs as something we some, that we collectively own as Americans and you can’t just steal our jobs and take them someplace else,” Moore concluded.


I don’t actually begrudge Moore having his fortune, even though I think he obtained by less that honest means, but it is still his. He earned it.

By what I find, his wealth is conservatively estimated to be around $25 Million and I imagine actually much higher.

And now Moore pops up saying the above?

He says, “That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours.”

Okay Mikey, let’s start with your $25 Million. If wealth is a national resource, like you say, I expect a nice fat check from you real soon.

Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath waiting.

When can we expect to see him hand over his wealth to fund union pensions or health care?

And those jobs? They belong to the employers that offer them. There is no such thing as “our jobs” that are “collectively owned.” If there were, we would all have a share of your wealth.

Michael Moore, you are not only a pompous ass, but a complete hypocrite as well.

What amazes me is that people will listen to these wealthy Democrat liberals who complain about other people having money an not make the connection that the argument usually centers around wealthy liberals becoming more wealthy at other peoples expense.

What’s that old saying, “Doctor, heal thyself?”

Well rich guy, heal the economy and share your own wealth before complaining about others.

3 Comments to “Pompous Bloated Rich Guy Complaining About Other Rich Guys Having Money”

  1. I think Michael Moore has created some great movies (like them or not), but he’s speaking as a Leftist in this clip. I’m a Liberal – I know Liberal and Leftist both start with “L” but we’re not the same. I’m also not a Progressive, which also includes a lot of “from those… to those” philosophy. You can find the differences in my editorials: http://www.martinhash.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=21

  2. I will respect your opinion on his movies, Martin, although I disagree with you.

    However, from where many of us stand, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of difference between leftist, liberal and progressive.

    I’ll have to look over your words when I get the chance.

    Still, I have a huge problem with him, as well as many others with vast wealth, complaining that others have it too and keep it.

    Be it Moore, the Kennedys, Pelosi, Kerry, on and on and on, when do they “spread the wealth” by passing out theirs?

    And, why do so many from their side of the aisle not see the hypocrisy?

  3. The single most defining element between a Liberal and a Leftist is the Marxist phrase, “From those according to their ability, to those according to their need.” I am fervently anti-Marxist. Personally, I think other Liberals should also declare their objection to Marxist thought – no one owes anyone anything!

    Liberal and liberty derive from the same word. Though I am not a socialist (group before individual), there are some things so important to society that I am willing to give up my liberty to obtain: military, roadways, education, safety, social security, healthcare, etc. Socialism is often confused for Marxism, which is why Liberals get lumped in with the wack-jobs.

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