Mayor Leavitt Says He Does Not Want A Citizen Vote On Loot Rail!

by lewwaters

Part of much larger 20 minute interview on the March 7, 2011 Lars Larsen Show.

Throughout the interview, Leavitt exposes his disdain for citizens and lack of knowledge on even how the boondoggle I-5 Bridge and Loot Rail will even be paid for. Lars gets him twisted in knots and Leavitt continually contradicts himself.

Be sure to visit the Lars Larsen Show web site and listen to the full interview.

4 Comments to “Mayor Leavitt Says He Does Not Want A Citizen Vote On Loot Rail!”

  1. Lars really tore Leavitt a “new one”. What a bunch of weasels these politicians are!

    Btw, did you catch Lou Brancaccio’s “intrusion” on to John Laird’s column tonite? Fascinating.

    I’d like to see Lars interview both Laird and Brancaccio. That would be fun.

  2. Light Rail is NOT a transportation issue – it is a political one. Light Rail is the bedrock of the “Build Up Not Out” (BUNO) strategy of urban planners and they are using CRC as extortion. Unfortunately, all the “NoTolls,” “No Bridge,” and “Third Bridge” noise is defocusing the opposition. Pragmatically speaking – the bridge war is lost but there is still opportunity to out the BUNO people.

  3. Martin, the opposition is certainly not “defocused”. In fact, it’s more focused than ever.

    Btw, America is continuing to “build out” as we speak. The “urban planners” are living in a fantasy world. LQQK around you.

  4. I was out of town and missed this one ’till now. Does he come off like a spineless weasel or what. Kinda like trying to argue with a bowl of jello. I guess he was elected as an overreaction to Pollard, so maybe we’ll actually get it right next time? We can always hope!

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