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March 9, 2011

County Commissioners Give Okay to Open Carry in County Parks, KGW Slants Report

by lewwaters

All across the nation, citizens’ second amendment right to not only own a personal firearm, but to carry one when there might be a need is being restored. From the US Supreme Court down to Vancouver City Council and now, Clark County Commissioners are complying with laws allowing open carry of a firearm in many areas, primarily parks.

Carrying guns now OK in county parks

Since I see no need that I must have a gun on my person at all times, I really haven’t paid that much attention to this and quite frankly, didn’t realize they were banned after seeing the Vancouver City Council agree to change signs in city parks expressing that firearms are permitted, just so long as you don’t discharge one, except under limited conditions, such as self defense.

The thought of carrying a gun to Esther Short Park and taking target practice is ludicrous, what with the park being surrounded by apartment buildings, the Hilton Hotel and the New City Hall Building. No responsible gun owner would shoot a gun just for shooting sake in the park.

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