Amnesiatic Obama and His Short memory

by lewwaters
After wondering why it took two months for the usual cry of “gun control’ to come, after the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford in Tucson, Arizona this past January, and even doubting that Obama actually authored the op-ed published in the Sunday, March 13, 2011 Arizona Daily Star, I am left completely flabbergasted reading the very first paragraph.

“It’s been more than two months since the tragedy in Tucson stunned the nation. It was a moment when we came together as one people to mourn and to pray for those we lost. And in the attack’s turbulent wake, Americans by and large rightly refrained from finger-pointing, assigning blame or playing politics with other people’s pain.”

All of the normal knee-jerk calls for gun control are contained in the piece, “enforcing laws that are already on the books,” “reward the states that provide the best data – and therefore do the most to protect our citizens,” “make the system faster and nimbler,” “porous background checks,” “more we can do to prevent gun violence,” and the inevitable “beginning of a new discussion.”

Seen it all before, heard it all before, nothing new.

And as usual, missed is that the system in place was defeated due to lax law enforcement in identifying a young man, mentally disturbed that received several passes from run-ins with law enforcement and a family that did not heed repeated warnings on his mental instability.

Nothing new in all of this, save that first paragraph quoted above.

I realize actually performing in the office he was elected to in 2008 is not all the important to Barack Obama, as he spends more time on the golf course and on vacation than pretending to lead the nation, but doesn’t he ever receive news alerts while off playing on our tax dime? Doesn’t he at least have a radio on his golf bag?

How can anybody, with any pretense of a straight face come forward now, a mere 2 months after the tragic shooting/murder and say, “And in the attack’s turbulent wake, Americans by and large rightly refrained from finger-pointing, assigning blame or playing politics with other people’s pain.

Within minutes, it seemed, all were heard were attacks on Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, conservatives in general and every faction of talk radio. Words ever spoken by any on the right were twisted into appearing like calls for violence. Ads featuring a target sight were manipulated to claim as threats of bodily harm.

Anything the left could twist was blasted as uncivil, vitriolic and violent, ignoring the even stronger tactics Democrats are noted for.

Obama himself came out in his January 13, 2011 speech at the memorial for the victims saying, “It’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds,” indicating he must have been aware of the vitriol and rhetoric emanating from his party cohorts.

Of that speech, the New York Times published, “Mr. Obama called on ideological campaigners to stop vilifying their opponents. The only way to move forward after such a tragedy, he said, is to cast aside ‘point-scoring and pettiness’.”

From Rachel Maddow to Keith Olbermann, the rhetoric continued as fingers were pointed towards any on the right, knowing full well that it was the work of the deranged mind of a young liberal.

No cheap shot was too much, no casting aspersions against conservatives was over looked. Day in and day out for weeks, Democrats and their supporters pulled every dirty trick they could to cast a dark shadow over political opponents.

And now, Obama’s name is attached to an op-ed allegedly written by him, or for him claiming, “And in the attack’s turbulent wake, Americans by and large rightly refrained from finger-pointing, assigning blame or playing politics with other people’s pain.

Either he has totally lost what little mind he had and slipped into a state of amnesia, or he is totally dishonest in already going for revisionist history to make Democrats appear much better than they are for the 2012 elections.

Another reason could be, since he specifies “Americans by and large,” is that he doesn’t consider his party, liberal Democrats and their supporters as “Americans.”

Whatever the reason, that it would even be tried this soon after all of the rhetoric was thrown about just proves to me he is unfit for the office he occupies.

We need a leader in Washington D.C., we need someone at the helm knowing what he or she is doing and that wants to see America thrive and regain her greatness.

What we don’t need is the current poseur stumbling about who can’t even remember what was going on a little over a month ago.

4 Comments to “Amnesiatic Obama and His Short memory”

  1. Actually Lew, the incompetent nincompoop got it partially “right”. “Americans” refrained from finger-pointing, the un-American Left didn’t.

    I think we can see who real Americans are and who aren’t American at all.

  2. I kind of wondered if he was admitting that himself, Jack.

  3. Just an old fashioned liar, plain and simple.

  4. Old fashioned liars were at least somewhat believable.

    This one takes the cake, though. Especially considering he was one of the ones speaking out just 2 months ago to tone it down.

    I’d fire whoever wrote it for him.

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