Portcouver City Council ‘Modifies’ Citizen Speech Rights…. Again

by lewwaters

As taxpayer opposition to the boondoggle Columbia River Crossing Project grows and citizens continue to appear before the Vancouver City Council to express that opposition, especially to extending Portland, Oregon’s financially failing Loot Rail to Vancouver, action had to be taken.

From Washington State Senator Patty Murray to Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams, Vancouver’s ruling class seems to have received orders to squelch the dissent, Murray saying in August 2010, “If there is complete controversy at the local level, it [federal funding] has no chance.” Hence, my calling Vancouver “Portcouver” now, since the ruling class seems to receive marching orders from Portland and beyond.

Nearly everybody has seen or heard of the now famous melt-down of council member Jeanne Harris in September 2010, taped by citizens in attendance that evening, removing any chance of the ruling class erasing the incident. This most embarrassing conduct I have ever witnessed from an elected representative towards those they supposedly represent earned Ms. Harris a minor censure and removal from some committees.

Citizens, on the other hand, faced the scorn of the ruling class with efforts to shut them up, but only if they oppose this bloated project that is destined to be an albatross around future necks. Those wishing to speak in favor of the boondoggle have always been well received by the ruling class, who might have expressed minutes before that Portcouver’s city council has no voice in the project, tolls or extending the bankrupt Loot Rail across the Columbia River.

Portcouver’s newspaper of record and willing accomplice in this “stick it to the taxpayer” effort has covered the efforts to silence citizens by once again modifying how they may speak and what about here, here and here with the ruling class voting to adopt immediate modifications to citizen communication here just last evening, March 21, 2011.

We also cannot forget the papers acerbic editorial page editor, John Laird doing his part by editorializing that citizens expressing concern over being bankrupted by this outrageously expensive project, “ankle biters” and “the Hounds from Whinerville.” Of Jeanne Harris’ melt-down, Laird excused that as she was “clearly was fed up with the intrusion of crusaders at council meetings” before adding that her behavior was “rude, insulting and worthy of harsh reprimand.”

“Harsh Reprimand?” A written censure compared to concerned citizens being shuffled off to another new format that, although implementing immediately upon adoption last evening, no written guidelines to just what we may say, how long we may say it and under what circumstances we may speak have been given to citizens as of yet?

As the following screenshots show, the cities Guidelines for Citizen Communications has undergone some changes since the embarrassing outburst from the council. (Click on images to increase size)

From Google Cache, Sept. 22, 2010

Page as shown, Sept. 22, 2010

Page as shown Oct. 6, 2010 to the time the post was written

The page remains as last shown at the time of this writing, while we peons in Portcouver await notice from the ruling class how we may approach the Portcouver Royalty.

Seeing the new “guidelines” passed by a 6 to 1 vote reaffirms that we still have only one council member willing to actually represent citizens and who the rest of the ruling class removed from the C-Trans Board for standing up for citizens.

Just another day in the People’s Republik of Portcouver.

2 Comments to “Portcouver City Council ‘Modifies’ Citizen Speech Rights…. Again”

  1. Take a gander at this, Lew.

    “Vancouver mayor, council members irked by wide-ranging public records requests for emails” – The Oregonian


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