Portcouver Mayor, Council Members ‘Irked’ Over Public Records Request

by lewwaters

The ongoing saga of Vancouver City Council versus the citizens of Vancouver was elevated up a few notches with a request made under Washington Public Records Law.

The Zero Reports;

“Members of the Vancouver City Council, six of them the subject of a public records request for months of email correspondence, lamented the wide net cast by the request and the cost of the request to the city at a council meeting Monday.”

“Mitch Copp of Vancouver filed two public disclosure requests with the city earlier this year. The first, filed in January, asks for all of Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilman Jack Burkman’s email correspondence from June 1 to Jan. 11. The second, filed in March, asks for email correspondence for council members Larry Smith, Jeanne Harris, Pat Campbell and Bart Hansen.”

“The number of documents we’re talking about can number in the tens of thousands, and every one of those documents has to be read by somebody to determine whether it’s disclosable or not,” Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes said. “We will be responsible to those to fulfill our responsibility under the statute, but it is a pretty substantial burden on our staff resources.”

Leavitt, still licking his chops over successfully modifying citizens speaking rights before the ruling class said, “It’s going to cause a use of city dollars and resources we could otherwise be putting out on the streets in the form of police officers and firefighters.”

This from the same Mayor who doesn’t have a problem hanging the albatross of the Columbia River Crossing Project, including Portland’s financially failing Loot Rail around future generations necks.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have lied to voters on opposing tolls to be elected Mayor.

6 Comments to “Portcouver Mayor, Council Members ‘Irked’ Over Public Records Request”

  1. You know Lew, the zero and The Clunk are in competition for the news of Clarke County. I wonder if we could talk Elliot Njus of the zero into publishing some of the negatives of the bridge project? He couldn’t be any more of an elitist thickhead than the birds at The Clunk.


  2. If he is opposed to the boondoggle, he might. But otherwise, they just seem to enjoy pot shots at Portcouver.

    Wishful dreaming for us “ankle biting hounds from whinerville.”


  3. Laird doesn’t have much to say lately. Neither does Lou. I think their jaws are “tight”.

    Them hounds from whinerville have a tendency to pee on some shoes, you know.


  4. He had his Sunday whine about being labeled an elitist. But that’s about all for some time.

    We need to keep a watchful eye on them. I don’t trust sudden turn-arounds like that.


  5. David Madore seems to be “out to lunch” lately. I think he figured out that these elitists are really mean and nasty and “nice guys” get run over by light rail trains.


  6. Madore didn’t get where he is and build his company by being “out to lunch.” I suspect his demeanor seen is an effort to entice more to give a logical & listening ear to the NoTolls position.

    We need to continue building support if we hope to stop it.


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