Rep. Jim Jacks Abruptly Resigns! Inappropriate Conduct Alleged!

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

Confirmed by a source in Olympia, 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, Democrat, has tendered his resignation.

I am also told there will be a special election held in November.

Jacks claiming “personal reasons, he does not want publicly stated

The Columbian

Initial speculation was the reason might be health related. His name has been pulled from the roll-call, his web page has been taken down and he has vacated the House.

The Olympian is reporting, “House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, D-Covington, put out this statement, which confirmed rumors heard after Jacks failed to show up for committee hearings yesterday:
Rep. Jacks has been a good legislator for the people of his district and a productive member of our caucus. However, we understand his decision to put his family first, and we are accepting that decision.”

Read more: The Olympian

UPDATE: I’m now hearing it alleged that Jacks has been “dealing inappropriately with members of legislative staff of the opposite gender.” Will post more as I hear it.

Comment left at the Olympian

Reply left to the above comment from the Olympian

Seattle Station KOMO News says,

“He said he needed to take care of some things at home,” said Democratic Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, who refused to divulge any more details. “There’s not much more to say about it.”

The resignation raises more questions than answers. His departure came to light as a leadership statement accepting his resignation. There was no official announcement of his quitting.

A call to Jacks’ cellphone by The Associated Press was not immediately returned. His official legislative website has been shut down and his legislative aide did not arrive at the office Friday.

KOMO also updated, “Sen. Craig Pridemore, a Democrat who serves in the same district, said his resignation had been discussed for a couple of days.”

Left on the Oregonian article, Saturday


19 Comments to “Rep. Jim Jacks Abruptly Resigns! Inappropriate Conduct Alleged!”

  1. “And the plot thickens…”


  2. It smacks of a cover-up attempt in progress.

    Bad move because sooner or later, its all going to come out.


  3. Lew,

    I would say its a runaway freight train and if the rumors are true, he’s going to have one hell of a lawsuit to face! If he was running around like a town drunk, why did the state democrat leadership not pull him aside and tell him that he had to get help?

    This sounds like a huge failure of the state democrat party to keep one of their own in check! And if they try to cover it up, your right it won’t happen.

    I remember what Don Benton and a few others had to deal with a year or two back with a young republican running in Jim Dunn’s former seat. I believe it was Tim Probst first run? So it is not like we have not had scandal down here in Clark County with a couple of a our own legislators.


  4. What you say is very true, Jeremy. I recall not only Jim Dunn, but Richard Curtis as well and how fast the paper of record ran with any and every bit of speculation on both and had the county nearly ready to lynch them.

    Now, the Columbian warns commenters on saying anything speculative, my emails and on my facebook page, I get blasted for speaking out with comments like “Jack owes you squat!,” “frustrating when speculation becomes “fact”,” “If there was any shenanigans that will come out eventually but… until than, if it does, its not any of our concern. What goes on within his family isn’t everyone else’s business,” and more.

    Isn’t it something that neither Curtis or Dunn were afforded that luxury.

    I can’t think of many things I hate more than double standards.

    We read this comes as somewhat of a surprise, no one knows anything about what was going on up there and such. Then, Pridemore tells KOMO news that it has been being discussed for the last couple days.

    Just come out, tell the truth and get on with selecting his replacement.

    I just hate the double standard being used once again.


  5. First: if Pridemore was in the loop a couple days ago, then “yes” the Democratic Party did reign this in – what could be more definitive than a resignation? Dems took one on the chin.

    Second: let’s let the Columbian run a couple days worth of stories before condemning them.

    Third: Mr. Jacks will probably have to pack up his young family and move far away – give the guy a break – he’s screwed no matter what.


  6. Martin, Pridemore’s claim on discussing this for a coule days is in the KOMO article I linked to. This came as no surprise to anyone up there.

    The Columbian wasted no time in going after Richard Curtis and Jim Dunn over their scandalous behavior and ran with every little morsel of speculation they could dig up, from day one. Why do they give Jacks a pass?

    Also of note, of all the articles I’ve seen from around the state, they are the ONLY one to use a photo of him with his daughters, like he is a family man above reproach. They did not grant such luxuries to others, so why Jacks?

    I haven’t stated the specifics of what I heard from people up in Olympia this morning, but if true, Jacks may not have a family to move away with. Time will tell.

    But, I still detest double standards and cover-ups even more. Jacks isn’t all that important to the Democrats, it’s not like he is top ecehlon or anything. Whoever the GOP runs in November will still have a tough time in the heavily Democratic 49th district.

    So why the cover-up already?


  7. That picture of Jim with his family has run multiple times – it is what Jim ran on (family). It’s also why any conduct contrary to his supposed family values was toxic (because of the hypocrisy). The picture was the news.

    Speaking of hypocrisy – I agree, the Columbian must expose all the gory details.

    Personally, I hope that resigning was the price Jim paid NOT to lose his family.


  8. Yes, it is an old photo, Martin. But my point is, no one else chose to portray him as a dedicated family man by running that photo, other than the Oregonian. Every other paper I looked at today had his campaign photo of him alone.

    If 2 bloggers have gotten specific information from people in Olympia, you know the media has. Why not print it like they did with Jim Dunn and Richard Curtis? If you recall, they went after those two with every speculative morsel they could find and ridiculed them heavily. Curtis’ family wasn’t given any privacy over his scandal.

    I hate seeing families break up, it always hurts the kids. But, if what I am hearing is true, he has only himself to blame if they do break up.


  9. Lew & Martin,

    Do you both remember why Jim Dunn was canned? I believe if the reports are true, both Dunn & Jacks are being nailed for the same reason. So if it is true, there is a double standard…

    And Both Pridemore and Moeller BOTH are high up in the state democrat party, so they BOTH know what is going on.

    The last thing I want to say is, I want to give Jim Jack’s family the respect and privacy they need. His family does not deserve the speculation, the attention and distraction but Jim ran for this office and he is going to get all the attention he wants if he so dared to due any of this.


  10. Yes Jeremy, Dunn was raked over the coals for making a “boorish, rude remark” to a female in a bar. The Columbian had afield day ridiculing him for allegations.

    November 7, 2007 the Columbian wrote, In our view: An Embarrassment about Dunn.

    November 9, 2007 Gregg Herrington wrote, Dunn’s gaffe no surprise to insiders

    November 23, 2007 Gregg Herrington wrote Dunn’s woes: Witch hunt or just desserts?

    December 16, 2007 John Laird wrote, Of scandals, obesity and leather lungs on Dunn.

    And, remember Richard Curtis? Where was the concern for his families privacy?

    The double standard is glaring, with the Columbian saying today that any speculation on why he resigned will be deleted. In 2007, they were the ones doing it.


  11. Look, since I do not know the full extent of the allegations (other than the Olympia spectacle that is going on right now.) I am not going to aim further with Jacks until there some public announcement or bigger confirmation… (that I personally can trust.)

    As to the Columbian during that time? Yeah, I think a certain editor loved the limelight, the attention and the enjoyment out of taking direct aim at people. Remember the CNN coverage that the Rep. Curtis thing brought?

    The last time they tried it against state republican committeeman Brent Boger who was also a city of Vancouver executive level employee, someone got large phone call and probably some harsh email and facebook commentary. May be that finally taught that editor a good lesson you better have your facts straight or be damn sure you know what you are talking about BEFORE you take direct aim at a local politician.

    That he would stop using local rumor mills as a way to paint people at their own expense. I believe the reason why they’re being more careful now could be because of what happened with that last shenanigan stunt they pulled, though I won’t hold my breathe over


  12. Lew…

    Everyone in this story who deserved to be “punished” has been punished. You’ve made your point about the Columbian.


  13. Jeremy, I didn’t touch articles on how they covered Curtis yet. But, what I gave you was just the titles of a few articles. I didn’t get into the words they wrote in them.

    As I said, seeing the old photo they chose to use tells me they know the truth behind this and are covering for him. If the “victim” files charges, it will come out and we’ll see then how they spin it. Will the cover-up continue and like with Bill Clinton, the accusers be attacked in the press? Of course, if she doesn’t file, no doubt a cover-up will continue.

    But, as Kelly said, that they decided he must resign now, in the middle of session, shows that someone up there is worried over this. The “cloak of secrecy” will not last forever, if the media ignores what is underneath.

    Martin, yes, they received what they deserved and sadly, their families privacy was of no concern to the Columbian as they published every sordid little morsel they could muster.

    And, Lou has the audacity to pun his Saturday column saying how middle of the road they are?

    I have a few things to attend to today so It might be later this evening or tomorrow, but I think I’ll go back into my files and post on how “middle of the road” they are being between the treatment of Curtis and Dunn compared to Jacks.

    Jacks should receive no less than did Curtis and Dunn, if they are truly “middle of the road.”


  14. The paper’s ongoing failure to provide all of the facts of this matter… even though they know them by now, is just that, an ongoing failure.

    For the paper to allow their obvious partisanship to rule their news reporting is, to coin a phrase, no surprise to insiders.

    Nor are the efforts to shield Jacks from responsibility for his actions.

    If Jacks had an “R” after his name, it would have been all scandal, all the time in the local press.

    The paper hasn’t nearly been punished enough considering the damage they’re doing to this community in toto, with their failure to report ALL of the news, good and bad, and not just that which fits with their agenda.

    This may be a reward to Jacks for carrying their pro-bridge/pro-loot rail water like Gunga Din.

    There is no depth they wouldn’t sink to had Jacks been an anti-bridge/loot rail/tolls Republican.

    No. Not nearly enough.


  15. There’s this little thing provided by the Columbian called “archives” that I am currently browsing and will post what I document from them in a few hours.


    How can they claim anything else?


  16. I got a “kick” out of Lou’s column too. Here’s my response:

    “Wow. First John Laird steps into a big bucket of “dung” by writing a column claiming he’s not an “elitist”.

    Now Lou writes a column claiming: “I also don’t think The Columbian is conservative or liberal”, and “If anything, I try to look out for the working stiff”.

    “Damage control” must heavy in the minds at The Columbian these days.

    jphays wrote a very good description and definition of “elitist” in John Laird’s column, and I think it definitely fits The Columbian very well.

    But jphays didn’t really address a couple of points, and those are that “elitist” is synonymous with “Liberal”, and “elitists” rarely “look out for the working stiff”.

    So let’s set out an example here: the boondoggle bridge project. The Columbian refuses to adequately inform the community of the negatives of the project in print

    after many repeated requests from it’s readers. The editorial staff of The Columbian refuses to answer and discuss in print the many points about those negatives

    brought up by readers. This behavior is very “elitist”.

    The bridge project is very detrimental to the “working stiff”. It’s a total waste of taxpayer money and something that no one can cite a concrete “need” for. It’s going

    to soak the “working stiff” over $10 billion dollars. The whole project isn’t about a “bridge” anyway. It’s about ramming the unwanted and already rejected light rail

    down the “working stiff’s” throat. So that’s hardly looking out for “him”.

    So it’s quite obvious that The Columbian is both “elitist” and “Liberal”, and sure isn’t “looking out for the working stiff”.”.

    I see The Columbian’s glaring hypocrisy with Jacks’ resignation as just more elitism by The Columbian.


  17. Stay tuned, Jack. The “glaring hypocrisy” is being revealed as I write this.

    I’ll post documented examples in a short bit.


  18. Jim Jacks sexually harassed and molested a legislative intern and his legislative assistant.


  19. Many of us have heard that, but need confirmation.

    I’ve also heard of late night phone calls while drunk, but they remain rumors until those people he victimized are willing to come forward.


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