Herrera Beutler Discovers Obama’s “Kinetic Military Action”

by lewwaters

It has been a whole week since the Obama administration launched air and sea attacks against the country of Libya, Saturday March 19, 2011. In somewhat of a role reversal, it is Republicans now questioning the necessity of what the Obama administration is calling a “Kinetic Military Action” instead of a “war.”

As one man who has witnessed war, armed conflict or kinetic military action, whatever you wish to call it up close and personal, I question the necessity of all actions that might place our Troops in harm’s way.

From the first bomb dropping, several in congress from both parties questioned the necessity of a third war at this time, which drew the label of it isn’t a war but a “kinetic military action” from the administration. Call it what you will, people are dying from the use of munitions from opposing sides in battle.

I began looking for any word from our newly installed congresscritter Jaime Herrera-Beutler the same day the “Kinetic Military Action” commenced and during the week as well. Knowing she was excessively weak in the area of foreign policy, just one of several reasons why I opposed her candidacy last year, I was prepared to give-up on her taking any coherent stand on this issue.

It was with some interest that I find in today’s Sunday Columbian, an op-ed obviously written for her by some staffer, President must explain, justify action in Libya and the somewhat juvenile comments contained within it.

First would be the very first sentence, “I was not elected to Congress because of my foreign policy experience.” An obvious understatement confirmed last June in a Columbian article lauding her fund raising abilities, telling us she was “being advised on National Security issues” by 82 year-old former Senator, Slade Gorton, who lost the 2000 election to Democrat Maria Cantwell.

Just who “advised” her on Obama’s “Kinetic Military Action” is unknown, but we also read from who penned the op-ed for her, “My background is not in foreign policy, though I have spent time reading and learning about foreign policy from others with experience. What I have developed is a critical lens through which I will examine our foreign policy actions.”

A “critical lens” that gives a standard six questions seen widely across the internet? Or, a critical lens that brings such revelations from her as, “When U.S. planes fly day after day and bomb the national government forces of Libya, that means we are in a war.” Ya think, Jaime?

Or maybe the critical lens she used in a July 20, 2010 Columbian Q&A where she said, “Politics should stop at the water’s edge; as a Member of Congress, I will support President Obama in his commitment to keep America safe and stabilize the region.”

Not questioned is why we have ship off of the coast of Libya with “2,200 heavily-armed and ready-to-fight Marines” from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit?

Showing us how ill-informed she is in foreign matters, she says, “Maybe Americans will get a break and Gadhafi will be overthrown soon, and the new government will be vastly better for the citizens of Libya and America’s relationship with Libya.”

While I have no affinity for tyrants like Gadhafi, I have even less for Jihadists like Al Qaeda, who has been behind several launches of terrorist attacks against the west, including the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001.

Qaddafi’s Fall Could Provide Opening in Libya for Al Qaeda Affiliate

Al Qaeda offers aid to rebels in Libya

Libyan civil war: An opening for al Qaeda and jihad?

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

I see no question in her magical six of connections to the Libyan Rebels to Al Qaeda and why our forces would now side with them after fighting them over the last 9 years.

While I agree that Obama must begin answering many questions on this “Kinetic Military Action” of his, there are several not included in her sophomoric attempt that should also be answered. Her “critical lens” through which she suddenly looks seems to fall short where needed.

She ends with, “If he still hasn’t answered these questions, I cannot in good conscience vote to commit American resources to this war.”

Jaime dear, we already have American resources committed to this war. Why not instead question why once again, we are carrying the lion’s share in what it supposedly a “multi-national effort” and why we are having difficulty handing over command of it?

A question also for Jaime, why did take a week for you to begin questioning the “Kinetic Military Action?”

We are stuck with her in office for the next 2 years, but she is already showing the very reasons I so openly opposed her election to this office.

Quite simply, she’s too inexperienced to be entrusted with the office she so rapidly attained.

But, what do I know? I voted with my big head, not my little head.

8 Comments to “Herrera Beutler Discovers Obama’s “Kinetic Military Action””

  1. Precisely.

  2. “A Kinetic action” is another way of saying: “a good screwing”.

  3. If we are now backing Al Qaeda, yes, we are getting screwed royally.

  4. I do find it really sad people who represent us – and who have an opportunity to shape policy – which can save lives! – are not qualified for the job. It’s heartbreaking. No one should serve in Congress who can with conviction say that they don’t understand foreign policy – how then can they negotiate in good faith for the interests of their constituents – affected by troop deployments, trade agreements, fiscal policies of international institutions etc. Heartbreaking. We deserve more than this – this community has made a lot of sacrifices.

  5. “But, what do I know? I voted with my big head, not my little head.”

    I’d think that kind of rhetoric would be beneath you Lew. I’m disappointed.

    Are you suggesting that those who voted for Castillo in the primary, but who turned to Herrera in the general election were voting with their “little head”? Tell me then, who in the heck were we supposed to vote for? Heck?

    It’s a fallacy to suggest that anyone who runs for Congressional office should be an ‘expert’ in foreign policy. Should everyone also be an expert in agricultural issues? Should they have a thorough understanding of weapons systems? How about space technology – should they all be qualified astronauts? We elect people from among us. People who live where we live, who have experiences similar to our own. They are not going to be experts in every field. Maybe not an expert in any field. If you want experts, why don’t we just appoint the best and brightest among us to a Bureau of Citzen Control? Hey, they’d be experts!

  6. No Craig, they needn’t be “experts.”

    But, it would be great to elect someone with at least a few viable ideas.

  7. Well now, I agree. Maybe then we should consider Herrera a ‘place-holder’ for the next election. I don’t know if Castillo will give it another shot, but whoever might run against her in the primary is going to have an uphill battle. The truth of the matter is, if Heck would have won, the Democratic Party would have owned the 3rd for the next several elections. Heck was a good candidate. He is bright, knowledgeable, and had some good ideas. I was considering voting for him myself.

  8. Craig, I had the pleaasure of meeting Denny Heck and talking with him for a short while. He is actually a pretty decent guy.

    I disagree with many of his political thoughts, but at least you knew where he stood. He didn’t need handlers to tell him what values to express.

    With the redrawing of district lines, Jaime might be well protected in 2012. Of course, I see a lot of grumbling from some who voted for her, so it remains to be seen what will transpire.

    A lot will depend on who the Democrats put up and whether or not people are as unhappy with her as they now seem.

    For me, though, after what I saw during the campaign, the dirty politics from the Clark GOP against a Republican and the personal attacks against me to get her nominated, it will be a cold day in hell before I support her.

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