Wisconsin Store Owner Battles Union Bullies

by lewwaters

Hmmm, support us or else? Any bets on the Obama Justice Department actually looking into the bully tactics of the union goons?

4 Comments to “Wisconsin Store Owner Battles Union Bullies”

  1. Government goons love union goons, Lew. “Goons of a feather stick together”.


  2. And what is it they proclaim about diversity and freedoms?

    Freedom so long as we cough up what they want?

    This is a long held tactic of unions, pay up or else. It used to be a crime to such protection rackets. Now it’s mbraced, as long s it is the unions and Democrats doing it.


  3. I have come too far to renege to the demands of the republican fringe!


  4. But you’ll fall for the rhetoric of the Democrat lunatic fringe?

    What is the plan once you run out of other people’s money?


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