Cover Ups Are No laughing Matter, Senator Pridemore

by lewwaters

It has now been 10 days since the abrupt abandonment of the 49th legislative district seat held by Democrat Jim Jacks, leaving constituents in the district that supported him, campaigned for him, donated campaign funds to him and voted for him with no representation in Olympia this session.

Pridemore, quoted in a KOMO article on the abrupt resignation of Jacks under some fishy circumstances said, “his resignation had been discussed for a couple of days,” indicating to me that the reasons behind such an abrupt resignation are known to all in Democrat party leadership.

Democratic Majority Leader Pat Sullivan said, “He said he needed to take care of some things at home. There’s not much more to say about it,” and REFUSING to divulge anything more, according to KOMO News.

Leaving a district with representation during a legislative session is an important matter, I feel. Are we in the 49th legislative District not entitled to know why we are to go without representation this session?

As the cover-up continues amid rumors swirling around the Capital Campus, Pridemore, who made news earlier for sponsoring legislation calling on more transparency in political campaigns, joins in the cover-up an clams up, just as the entire Democratic Party and media up and down the I-5 corridor is doing.

It is like if we ask anything about Jim Jacks, you receive a blank stare and an inquisitive answer of, “Jim who?”

That’s why I was first surprised, and then appalled reading Sen. Pridemore’s April 4th newsletter and finding the following from him.

April Fool’s Day fun

There hasn’t been a lot of humor or fun in Olympia this session, but last Friday seemed like a good day to inject some levity with an April Fool’s Day news release.

As most of you know, my seatmate, State Rep. Jim Jacks, announced his resignation at the end of March and about a dozen people have since expressed interest in being appointed to fill his seat in the House of Representatives. With interest in the seat peaking right as April Fool’s Day arrived, I couldn’t resist the urge to send out a press release Friday morning announcing that I was interested in being named to the House seat – in addition to serving in the Senate.

Here’s a link to the news release. The Olympia press corps got a pretty good kick out of it — not to mention my colleagues in the House and Senate — and I think a few of them actually fell for it!

While some may find it humorous to cover-up why we are not entitled to adequate representation and use the cover-up for the basis of an April Fool’s Joke, I am appalled that Pridemore treats the matter so cavalierly. Even our newspaper of record, who could spare no ink 3 years ago when a Republican, Richard Curtis was caught in a scandal and pushed into resignation, joins in with others in yukking it up with Pridemore in their post Pridemore the prankster and ending it with, “Well played, Senator. Well played.”

Has the fact that constituents are without any representation during this legislative slipped people’s minds? Did it even matter? I did notice that in some of the articles March 25, while not pressing for information on Jack’s quitting abruptly, they were sure to mention the last resignation was a Republican caught in a “sex scandal.”

At 4:45 PM today, April 4, 2011 I sent Craig Pridemore the following letter in email and now will make it an open letter, as I expect to be ignored.

Senator Pridemore, I find it contemptuous that the abruptness of Jim Jacks’ abandoning constituents and the all too obvious cover-up over it is but an opportunity for an April Fool’s joke to you.

Whether we voted for and supported him or not, we in the 49th legislative district are left with inadequate representation and, unlike November 2007 when Richard Curtis resigned from his 18th legislative district seat, are basically being told it is none of our business.

People donated funds, campaigned for, supported and voted for him to represent, not to abandon. Remember all of the cries from those in the Democratic Party when Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska?

And now, you find it humorous enough to make an April Fool’s joke about it?

I am appalled at the double standard applied when a representative suddenly and without any notice just up and walks away from the position recently elected to and constituents are stonewalled.

You were one who was pushing a bill for more transparency in campaigning recently and now go along with the cover-up on Jim Jacks?

Where is the transparency now, Senator Pridemore?

This is no joking matter. The Columbian and other newspapers are not doing their jobs by sweeping this under the rug.

That it is now just something of a joke, a basis for a practical joke is disheartening.

Equally disheartening is the silence from both the Clark County Republican Party and the Washington State Republican Party.

Taxpayers deserve better.

9 Comments to “Cover Ups Are No laughing Matter, Senator Pridemore”

  1. The joke here is their control of a media of sheep, a media deliberately and purposefully ignorant.

    Pridemore engaged in this childishness because he knew he could get away with it… and he thought it was cute. High school sophomore “cute.”


  2. It’s a sad fact that Democrats cover for one another en masse like sneaky, childish robots. Conservatives expect everyone to stand on their own.


  3. The Columbian is providing cover for Jim Jacks. Plain and simple. There is just no excuse for our local paper to not dig for the real story. By not doing so, they completely expose their bias for left of center politicians and against right of center politicians in our community.


  4. Liz, I doubt the local newspaper executive editor cares? If he did, like what he did to Curtis and Jim Dunn, he would be foaming at the mouth for any small tidbit.

    As some may remember during the Curtis and Dunn affairs along with other salacious news stories, our intrepid newspaper editor was all over the news on CNN and many other news outlets talking about it. I have always wanted to ask him, WHY he did that?

    Why not just feed the information to the news outlets that want it and move on? I remember this same problem with him in the Bethany Storro case, where again, our intrepid newspaper editor was back on the airwaves talking about what should have been a non-story after it came out that she had faked her own medical peel with liquid drano.

    Now in hindsight, I wish he would not go out and make so much out-of-nothing. Remember the Couv thing that he put in one of his written Press Talks?

    Honestly, I agree with Lew on this, Jack could have said, there was no story here, I have a family member in crisis or I have personal crisis right now, I need to deal with it and leave my political position because of it. But for some reason, when I look around the net at the videos and things that he has done for this community outside of the state legislature, I personally begin to wonder?

    He seems too intelligent? Yes, he might have had an alcohol problem or some other big thing but for our local news media to just sit on it makes me begin to wonder if there is not some thing going on behind the scenes. And why D. Michael Heywood, himself a former columbian Op-Ed editor, why all of a sudden did he quit as well?


  5. And finally two more small comments:

    One to state senator Craig Pridemore. Sir this April fools joke was not funny. To make hay and light of Jim Jack’s resignation is just way wrong.

    And finally to my above and will be kept SHORT. There simply is just way too many coincidental points throughout this whole process since it happened about two weeks ago that have not been answered.

    And since I am TOO a 49th district voter and community member, I would have liked to have had an honest comment from Jim on the reason why he needed to leave office. Even if it was covered UP and there was some kind of political settlement with any aggrieved parties that would have kept this issue out of the news for their personal privacy as well as Jim Jack’s.


  6. See Brancaccio’s column today.

    The cover-up continues.


  7. Ahh, I see. Well I will go over later after I have finished posting here to see what Lou had to say but from the 5 years I have been reading his Press Talk message, I won’t be too further surprised.


  8. I’ll either comment or blog on it later.

    Funny thing is, had he chosen to just ignore my comments on the ‘All Politics is Local’ blog, few in the community would have known or paid attention to mine and Kelly’s words on this.


  9. Yeah, the more the local newspaper goes reading on and on and scrapes content instead of going out and originating community discussion, he might not have had to make you and Kelly villains.

    He could have just simply walked by and ignored you. But he seems to enjoy like making people’s lives miserable, so that just fires up Kelly….

    As to the All Politics is local post by Marissa Harshmann and you and Lou had a small exchange. I highly down he is going to answer your post because if he did, it would acknowledge and further confirm to you that he knows more he is saying. If he denies it, just wait a year until Jim Jacks replacement has to run for reelection and it will finally come out after Craig and Lou feels its safe.


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