Requiem For the Dead…….. Trees???

by lewwaters

Who was that loon in Portland crying about trees have rights too?

6 Comments to “Requiem For the Dead…….. Trees???”

  1. What an utter waste of bandwidth…..

  2. laugh out loud… No, listening to Youtube videos from the Sierra Club and a few nonsensical similar sources reminds me of this video to a variable capital T.

    Why would you cry for an area that is bound by plants? Like you worshipped it like a hippy? If I was there, I would say, get grip, go get mentally checked, because nothing is worth what that video showed.

  3. Or better yet, send them a bouquet of imported florist bloomed flowers for their funeral procession? 🙂 (Some of people HATE imported, non-native platlife…..)

  4. My favorite portion of this tree hugger saga, the guy beating softly on the drum.

    Hellooooo, drums are made out of wood 😉

  5. Did you also forget that the mallet or drummer parts are almost always, even professional drum sticks are made of? Wood of some sort or another.

    So yes, little drummer boy was using some thing he should have not. 🙂

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