Union Goons Invade State Capitol, 17 Arrested. Wisconsin Fleebagger Due In

by lewwaters

As I predicted here, inspired by the disruptive display of union supporters and thugs in Wisconsin and ignoring that Washington State remains a Democratic Party majority government, union goons invaded the state capitol in Olympia where seventeen union goons and supporters were arrested for trying to storm Democrat Governor Gregoire’s office, according to the Olympian.

The union goons, upset over being expected to “pay their fair share” in the current budget crisis.

The protest, led by the greedy SEIU is said to have brought about 500 people to oppose budget reductions called for across the board to offset the current $5 Billion budget gap.

Washington State Patrol officers did not arrest those who refused to leave the capitol last night after being told to, but arrested the 17 today when they tried to force their way past the officers into Governor Gregoire’s office, shouting “let us in” and “we want the governor.”

One of the union goons, Sharon Kitchel-Perdue who was arrested said, “They need to listen to us,” referring to the Democrat led legislature.

The thugs are demanding an “end corporate tax exemptions before cutting state services,” mimicking the “raising taxes is an incentive for the rich to work harder” meme recently heard at a Moveon.org rally held in Vancouver.

With the state capitol in Olympia now on lock-down, The Washington State Labor Council and Washington Federation of State Employees are announcing that Wisconsin state Sen. Spenser Coggs, one of the 14 Wisconsin Fleebagging Democrats that fled the state in a bid to prevent a Democratic vote to take place last month will be a “high-profile guest” to Friday’s planned rally, expected to bring about 5,000 union goons and thugs in to protest “paying their fair share.”

In an email to the Olympian, spokeswoman for the Labor Council Kathy Cummings said, “This is a huge opportunity for our Labor Community and our own state Democrats to hear from one of the legendary figures who stood up to Governor Scott Walker’s initial attempts to ram his union busting bill through the state legislature. You won’t want to miss the reception he will get from all of Labor in Washington state.”

That their juvenile tantrum failed to stop Wisconsin from going ahead with the cost cutting measures and they had to shop for a sympathetic judge to block the legislation passed, is forgotten.

That efforts to stack the Wisconsin Supreme Court have backfired with the discovery of a computer error, negating union sympathizing challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg’s premature declaration of victory with a 40 vote lead, that now gives incumbent conservative state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser a 7,500 vote lead, just shows me that the Wisconsin fleebagger has much to pay heed to in his own state, instead of acting like some sort of false hero to union goons in Washington State.

Union thugs camping out in the Wisconsin capitol caused millions of dollars in damage to the building. No reported damage as of yet in Olympia.

His time would be better spent help to wipe the jubilant smiles off the faces of Moveon.org and People for the American Way who declared in email just today, “we just had a HUGE win” as news was breaking of the computer error that failed to report thousands of votes last evening.

Sorry thugs and goons, but that’s the way the union crumbles.

4 Comments to “Union Goons Invade State Capitol, 17 Arrested. Wisconsin Fleebagger Due In”

  1. It’s pretty plain that America is really tired of union thugs, Lew.

  2. Not by enough people yet, Jack, but we are getting there.

    The more of these spoiled childish tantrums they throw, the more we grow.

  3. This issue could eat our (Democrats) lunch.

  4. ;-p I got a little carried away on one of my last posts on Boehner’s trash folly..

    But I wanted to make a very small comment here.

    If it was not for the Basic education state constitutional amendment, public education would also be getting the axe like it used to in the mid-90s… Those teachers are one lucky group. The state will some how find the money to keep the basic education of their students and jobs in tact. The schools will have to cut sports, music and other non-essential curriculea outside of the normal in-school education system.

    If this were not the simple case, the teachers would ALSO be out doing these same tactics, trying to get the attention of the electorate, the state representation to prevent even more further cuts.

    These cuts are now going to be aimed the most vulnerable of our population. I am not speaking to some of the characterizations I read int he comments section of the local newspaper online that suggest that these disabled citizens are in some form fat, lazy incompetent fools who do not have any other reason to get public assistance or state help to pay for medically necessary and life giving options to keep them alive.

    That they can get off their asses and sit in lines looking for fast food, farm, retail or other jobs that are simply not their in this economy. Do these people realize the people that these cuts are directly aimed at?

    If a person in our community CAN work, there is no reason why they should not be. And our community that I know of for the last twenty five years, looks down upon people who just sit around and do nothing meaningfully if they have some cognitive ability to function.

    These new cuts are going to be apportioned out to the most feeble, the lowest that may not be able to defend themselves. And it saddens my heart when I see this.

    But I know, in our state, there really is no choices left. The fat has been cut and the only two options, one raise taxes to cover these basic services has been voted down time and again over the past two years. So we are not at a point in our state, the people and voters are finally going to feel the real consequences.

    And I am going to say this directly on our local newspaper comment site, you guys voted for this, you guys have been going over and over again to local state representation saying, CUT, CUT, CUT or get rid of this or that program and voted a lot of taxes down. Now you are going to have to pay for every direct government service in increased fees and access charges. And I do not want to hear ANY More complaining by any special interest GROUP!

    And finally, there is one mention I have heard that shows that at the state level, a group is getting it. In this current budget, state tourism dollars were cut, I mean cut to the $.00. And local and state leaders, businesses and community minded folks in many jurisdictions are stepping up to find a way to pay for their local tourism functions in some form or another.

    I won’t bore with the details as there are many examples out there of this.

    But what bugs me, is this above example and they are aiming at the wrong direction. Simply put, they should be talking to the local Voters in our state instead of falling asleep in the capitol and getting themselves arrested when the state representatives have no way of raising revenue to cover these shortfalls because of a state initiatives that have forced to have to have a good proportional majority in a final vote call. Most people know, this simply won’t happen.

    So they are WAISTING their time and effort. I have an idea, why do they not start media blitzing the state???? Instead of looking like fools?

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