As Expected, Government Shutdown Avoided

by lewwaters

Both sides are announcing no government shutdown as they have reached a budget deal,,,,, finally. All of that fearmongering, hyperbole and hate rhetoric from the Democrats to score political points wasted.

Washington Post

Earlier, New York Democrat and tax cheat Charlie Rangel appeared on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Show and admitted his party did not pass a budget in the 2010 congressional session, when they had total and complete power in government, because it “was a political hot potato.”

7 Comments to “As Expected, Government Shutdown Avoided”

  1. Yeah, but what they do not say is how much both sides barely gave any thing up? They should have cut seriously.

    But did they? I highly doubt it. Both sides have their special needs, requests or earmarks to get in. And with this nation at such a heralded time of need to cut, what do they do? Yep, compromise to compromise and push the problem to a certain future generation.


  2. Too damned many RINOS. I sure wish we could get rid of those wimpy jerks.


  3. I’d love to see them all gone. But, we just sent one up there.

    We’ll see what 2012 brings.


  4. So Jack & Lew, if you feel there are too many labelled political leaders, how are going to put actions in place to help their rivals get elected instead of sitting on this blog and whining about it?

    If you feel there are too many democratic tongues in the republican party that you are labeling, where is the action that is going to meet the road?


  5. Wow Jeremy, it’s called: “The Tea party”. Didn’t you know that?


  6. A problem I have with the Tea Party, Jack, is seeing in some cases, the establishment political machine infiltrating and taking it over.

    It began with representation from Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

    I’d like to see it stay that way and not be taken over by an establishment party.


  7. I’d like to see it stay that way too Lew, but just like The Columbian blog and sometimes even this blog, “infiltrating jerks” are out there. Most of the time they’re not too hard to spot, but you do have to keep an eye out for them.


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