Clark Dems Decide to Drag Their Feet On Replacing Quitter Jim Jacks

by lewwaters

Mike Heywood, chairman of the 49th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee assigned the task of replacing Jim Jacks, who abruptly quit his office, abandoning constituents March 25, has put the brakes on filling the empty seat, leaving the 49th Legislative District under represented during session.

Democrats Rep. Jim Moeller and Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart have urged the “slow-down” according to the Columbian article.

Heywood, who initially favored a quicker replacement of the quitter Jacks now says, “they don’t need the vote in Olympia. As that has become more of a shared opinion, the pressure for speed is off,” indicating how comfortable the Democrats are with their majority an ability to shove through any legislation they desire, constituents be damned.

Moeller, indicating most of the work this session has already been done said, “I think our strategy is to put forward our best candidates.”

Would that be like putting forth Jim Jacks since 2008 just so he could abandon constituents 2 weeks ago, saying he did not want the reasons discussed publicly?

Could it be that Dems knew he was going to have to quit and hushed it up long enough to get Jacks elected, just to have him resign and allow the Dems to appoint someone to the seat they wanted out of fear the Republicans might take the seat during what was perceived a “Republican Tsunami” last year?

Neither the Columbian nor the Democrat Party will divulge any reason for Jacks abrupt abandonment of the seat they fought for him to keep, unlike weeks of condemnation towards former Alaska governor Sarah Palin when she resigned.

And now, Democrats thumb their nose at voters and citizens in the 49th Legislative District telling us, “I don’t know that we need to rush, quite honesty. The appointee will vote on the budget and that’s about it.”

Session is scheduled to last until April 24.

In the meantime, any question as to why we in the 49th no longer deserve equal representation as other legislative district or why were we abandoned in mid-session by Jim Jacks are met with scorn, but treated as the basis of a joke and something to laugh about by Democrats.

Cover-ups, higher taxes, deeper debt, increased unemployment, these are the ‘gifts’ given the state by the lopsided Democrat majority and now, they thumb their nose at voters.

Any wonder the state remains in such deep recession?

One Comment to “Clark Dems Decide to Drag Their Feet On Replacing Quitter Jim Jacks”

  1. Sure they’re “dragging their feet”. They want to shield anyone they pick from having to vote on the current budget mess. That way the “new guy” can start with a “clean slate”.


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