More Civility: Dems Call to Dump Trash at Boehner’s House

by lewwaters

In keeping with the call for more “civility” in discourse, fringe Democrats or union goons, have set up a facebook page calling for people to dump their trash on the lawn at Speaker of the House John Boehner’s Washington D.C. house.

In addition to the obvious, aren’t these also the same people always crying about others polluting and not keeping communities clean?

4 Comments to “More Civility: Dems Call to Dump Trash at Boehner’s House”

  1. GIVE HIM OUR TRASH? I think that if it were legal it would be a great way to make a statement from us, the little people. I think that Boehner is in way over his head and is being controlled by the Tea Party and can’t risk the chance of seeming too bi-partisan. In an effort to save his own behind, he must therefore screw the rest of us.


  2. Out of control spending has to brought under control and the left’s answer is to litter and pollute to continue bankrupting the country?

    Bash the Tea Party if you will, but you don’t see us littering and polluting or calling for it.

    I can imagine the outrage of the left had we assembled at Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s to dumped our garbage all over their yards.


  3. How disrespectful? Do they really under how BAD we are off? We can no longer afford all of the luxuries that they continue to spout we “need.”

    I am one person who is under a medical situation where I was forced to make a choice between trying to stay alive with a chronic disease that every day robs more and more of my life, spirit and abilities to function. It created a two year battle for benefits to keep me alive for another day…

    Now I COULD have done the easier way and found other options and follow some of the examples I see in the veterans community from the World War II to Vietnam to my generations quicksand war, Iraq 1 and 2 – Afghanistan who barely come home functioning from the devastations of war and find the only solace is to take the final step.

    I could have done that. But I felt that I had some bigger. Some thing more precious than sitting hours on my ass on Portland metro trains and busses stuffing my face with junk food. (I have seen this over and over again!)

    I do my part to try to help my family, my community and the veterans that I know of around me with what little I have.

    And now, as a nation, we have to make the sacrifices. That may mean our local port may not get some multi-million dollar boat anchor out in the middle of the Columbia River. That may mean that for a decade, Vancouver, Clark County and other regions in the state do not get earmarks and hand-me-down dollars from the federal government, it may mean we might have to cut to get our houses in order.

    The state of Washington right now is cutting 5.2 to 5.4 billion. And it might have been more, if the US federal government had not bailed a hell of a lot of states out.

    And now, the federal government is the one that is going to staunch the problems. There is no more room for putting off what needs to happen today on to the future generations. At some point, those debt markers are going to get called. And the rich are not going to be able to escape the debt whole that we have created for near three or four generations.

    And for someone to go to Speaker Boehner’s house, take a dump truck, terrorize his family and dump the most ludicrous things in his front yard. I find it so despicable that someone would create a facebook page or group to hurt his family, is so uncalled for.

    His family has nothing to do with the Speaker’s political aims, strategy and what he does day in and out, outside of his official and official political


  4. (continuing but summing up.)

    capacities. How DARE you involve his family when they have no direct involvement in his direct day to day political operations? He may show them off once in awhile at some political function.

    I hope the person who put up that facebook page gets investigated.


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