More Dem Civility, GOP Wants to “Kill Women”

by lewwaters

From Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) “This is probably one of the worst times we’ve seen because the numbers of people elected to Congress. I went through this as co-chair of the arts caucus. In ’94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they’re here to kill women.”

CNS News

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Thank goodness Democrats are keeping it civil.


6 Comments to “More Dem Civility, GOP Wants to “Kill Women””

  1. I want to ask that female congressman, if you had a fifteen trillion dollar and rising deficit in your own personal budget, you were not able to bring in any more money because you were all ready worked to the bone, where would you cut?

    And no, you don’t feel you can pay anymore taxes, because you are tapped out.

    Louise Slaughter, please tell me where you are going to find the money, when 3/4 of the electorate in your legislative district are tapped out and financially hurting. Where is the money?

    And please DO NOT tell me that the answer is to foist more taxes on the rich. Because honestly, there is a dirty little secret that the Democrats do not tell their constituents!?!? And that secret is that the rich on a whim can move their liquidity outside the US? And do you think they are going to allow their financial nest eggs to be taxed anymore?

    Get a reality check Ms. Slaughter. I mean a real reality check. The next fight coming up is Medicare and Medicaid. And with a huge growing Social Security aged US Citizens coming online in the next decade plus an ever increasing number of Social Security Disability clients that have gone through over-the-top reviews and denials process and are becoming even a more bigger drain on society, please tell me WHERE the money is going to come from?

    We can’t have it all, the are priorities, there is responsibility and maybe its time you look yourself in the eye and say, Maybe this may be the a fight for women’s health but where else am I going to have to cut in the budget to make this a reality.

    And one final thought, please do not tell me that cutting the defense department is the quick and easy answer. There might be billions there. But our defense department is growing as much as the american appetite for entitlements that we as citizens determine are necessities when in reality they are no such thing.


  2. Jeremy, this is all based off of a strategy dreamed up back in the 1960’s by some socialistic college professors who saw a way to bring about the collapse of the nation by overwhelming welfare and other government entities. Or, as the designers put it, “Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.”

    One of them, Frances Fox Piven is still alive, although elderly. The other, and I believe they were married at one point Richard Andrew Cloward passed on a few years ago. The “strategy,” known as the “Cloward-Piven” strategy is designed, “to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

    It goes hand in hand with the writings of Saul Alinsky and many, without even realizing it, thinking they are only looking out for self and falling for claims made by socialist union leaders, fall right into it’s snare, never looking to see how what they advocate as damaged other nations throughout history.


  3. Interesting. Something I did not really know. Thank you for the link and I’ll l read it in a few minutes.


  4. It’s no “secret” that the crop of spoiled brats currently running the Democrat Party wish to destroy this nation.

    You can liken them to some puke that goes to a school and kills a bunch of kids and then kills himself.

    He hates himself and everybody around him, so he wants to kill himself and take as many innocent people with him as he can.

    It’s irrational anger and self-hatred. The Lefties are full of it and we see the evidence of it all of the time.


  5. I don’t hold the actions of someone who goes into a school, guns and knives down people and puts that action on or associates it to a political party. That is usually someone who is mentally unstable and needs to be locked up and put away for a long time. Even if that person is of teenage and young adult age when they committed such a crime.

    The democrat party has its issues. And now that a new generation is coming forth to fulfill and fill up spots the vietnam and world war two generations of that members of that party that have passed on. They members will bring with them their own sort of media thoughts, feelings, attributes and actions they feel are necessary.

    Lew has shown some nice examples of people that are not all mentally there. And I have seen some examples from my own age of Democrat party officials that makes me begin to wonder where they think the financial strength is of this nation. That my generation is going to have to make the serious decisions of how we are going to have to save this nation from collapsing from the financial mismanagement of both parties for their own favorite pet projects that is raiding our childrens future!

    I could go on and on with examples, but this is a democrat thread. I would like to state that we need to look into the best side and practices on reforming federal agencies and bring back common sense ideas that we cannot save or handle the burden of every single american. That the social services, veteran and defense priorities are going to have to be looked into. That there are going to be needing some deep, long term cuts.

    And no one is going to like it.

    And Jack, we have a local example of a RINO who runs around our 3rd congressional district not taking the hard stances that are going to need to be made. I find she acts like a democrat but speaks like a republican tongue.

    There might be other areas of this nation that might have more old staunch liberal ideas like you suggest. But I look into the people that I meet through various forums online and through personal contact and I do not, with a big percentage find that they are like you suggest as “spoiled brat” democrats.

    I do not by the media lines on either media front that are pushed on cable television. There are too many divergent splits and opinions. There are some who I agree do have that old form and formulation and promulgation as you have suggest in your comment. But in this day and age and how financially screwed we are and with the wealthiest amongst us that have the ability to move their liquid and non-liquid assets in and out of the country on a whim and do not have to care if that pulling of financial power might hurt someone just by the mere act of doing this and there is no financial major impact of their ability to do so.

    And this happens in *BOTH* major political parties.


  6. You know Jeremy, I’ve met some “regular people-sounding” Democrats in my time too, but I’ve also noticed how their “tone magically changes” when Bill Clinton has his pants unzipped or AlDork starts talking about “Global Warming” or somebody mentions what a total failure Obama is.

    You can’t deny that there is a definite “sports team” mentality to politics these days. Many seemingly “regular” people blindly support their “team” no matter how many Bozos are on their team.

    The one noticeable difference between the two parties is that the Republicans will get rid of their Bozos and will acknowledge that they are Bozos, whereas the Democrats will defend their Bozos to the death.

    The “blind defense” is exactly what a group of smart-aleck little spoiled brats will use. I think we all saw that in grade school.

    So when “regular people” pop off and start acting like “spoiled brats”, I’ll call them “spoiled brats”.


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