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April 9, 2011

Lou Brancaccio Forgets the Columbians Own History

by lewwaters

I am always flattered to receive the notice of the Columbians esteemed editor Lou Brancaccio and feel fortunate to not be on the receiving end of a vitriolic tirade like was unleashed months ago against fellow blogger, Kelly Hinton. But Lou’s effort to marginalize my view on the abrupt resignation of Democrat 49th Legislative District representative Jim Jacks under mysterious circumstances in his column today falls flat and hurts him more than me.

One’s history will never be forgotten when it comes to the public

From the outset, especially the columns title, Lou seems to forget that it is the Columbians own history in the coverage of past incidents that I used to base my claim of a “double standard.” Lou claims in his column, “Conservative blogger Lew Waters was determined to show some sort of double standard by The Columbian when it comes to politicians doing stupid stuff,” and “So Waters drags up a name from the past: former Republican state Rep. Richard Curtis.”

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