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April 11, 2011

We WERE Promised a Vote on Light Rail, Weren’t We?

by lewwaters

Originally posted April 11, 2011; Updated April 13, 2011

People have long expected politicians and bureaucrats to make promises and then renege on them, sometimes bringing about their defeat in the next election in the case of elected officials with appointed bureaucrats coming under fire. While it is expected, it isn’t appreciated and in days of old, before we became more ‘civilized,’ mobs of citizens negatively affected by such lies would gather and oust the liar from office, often in the most unceremonious manner thought of.

Fortunately for today’s elected liars, we no longer follow along those lines. If we did, I can only imagine the mobs that would be forming outside of city hall, the county courthouse and C-Trans offices as they continue ignoring voters and taxpayers call that we do not want Portland, Oregon’s financially failing Light Rail extended into our community.

Of course, we have been erroneously told that the majority of people in Clark County want it, but the efforts to block any confirmation of that by letting us vote on it are all too obvious.

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