Attempts by Light Rail Advocates to Marginalize Businessman, David Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Full complete video of the meetings may be accessed here and by clicking Citizen Communication

Received from Josephine Wentzel;

Last night the C-TRAN board, with the exception of County Commissioner Tom Mielke decided that Clark County citizens do not have the right to vote on the Maintenance and Operations on the proposed light rail.

On Tuesday, February 14, 1995 (Page A10), the Columbian reported: “Voters left no doubt: Light rail dead for now.”

“The final vote in last week’s election, wasn’t even close: Light rail got trounced, with 67.8 percent against, only 32.2 percent in favor.” It went on to say: “C-TRAN should respect the voters’ wishes”.

At the September 14, 2010 C-TRAN Board Meeting and recorded in the minutes, it was declared that two measures were to be placed on the C-Tran ballot. One measure is that of the maintenance and operation of light rail in Vancouver. The Board instructed C-Tran to begin the process of putting the ballot on the November, 2011 ballot. Commissioner Steve Stuart, great friend of the ‘No-Tolls/Toll the I-5 Corridor’ Vancouver mayor Leavitt, PROMISED that the people would get this vote and HE would make sure of it if he was elected. Well, to no surprise he reneged on his promise —-again.

Not long after Mr. Stuart’s election, his wife Heather became the treasurer of the ‘Build the Bride’ political action committee working to promote C-Tran’s light rail agenda. She was joined with C-TRAN CEO Jeff Hamm, Mayor Leavitt, City Councilman Jack Burkman and a host of contractors who are receiving millions from the Columbia River Crossing.

Prior to yesterday’s vote, Leavitt was quoted on the March 5, 2011 Columbian as suggesting a sub-district vote (not a county-wide vote):

“Now Leavitt said, it may make sense for C-Tran to form a sub-district for light rail. State law permits the formation of high-capacity transit sub-district as early as 2012. Such a district could boost the sales tax in a smaller area—perhaps Vancouver and its urban growth boundary – where voters may be more supportive of high-capacity-transit (light rail) for light rail.”

IF the measure was to be placed on the November 2011 ballot, it would be a county-wide vote where C-Tran services. That means that everyone who will be paying for this project would be able to decide and not have it crammed down their throats.

Folks, since working on this project I have come to the conclusion that our county have been high-jacked by special interest groups who made sure corrupt leaders line up with their plan. We must stop this nonsense.

Since Mr. Madore has been making great strides in revealing the truth and bringing light to the project, we have been attacked on a regular basis. Besides Mayor Leavitt and Commissioner’s Stuart’s blunt attacks, Councilmember Campbell has been making harassing comments and spreading rumors on email and blogs.

You may reach Mayor Tim Leavitt here:
Or County commissioner Stuart here:

Josephine F. Wentzel

See also: Vancouver City Council Declares War on No Tolls Businessman at Victoria Taft and We WERE Promised a Vote on Light Rail, Weren’t We?

4 Responses to “Attempts by Light Rail Advocates to Marginalize Businessman, David Madore”

  1. Sigh.

    Der Fuhrer would be proud of those board members.

  2. I want to remind Mrs. Wentzel of Mrs.Turlay’s years of frustration, anger and diatribes that really make the Gavel Down video look good, that if you are going to act like you did in front of the C-tran board, it is going to get you nowhere real fast. In fact, she’s being played and toyed with, very little has to be said now and it sets her off. And then her husband comes up right after to defend her like any good husband would.

    They’re being played and you know, they are reacting. If she would not react, I bet she would get a lot farther ahead.

    As someone who also fed, screamed, conjoled and spoke to the two above offenders in this article over the past 6 to 7 years, I think its time that they get reminded of exactly WHO is their caretaker. And yes, if I really wanted to (along with several others here) we could make these two’s live really interesting politically. But alas, I don’t think they really care anymore.

    I do believe Mrs. Wentzel is correct on this point she is making. That if the Mayor and Clark County commissioner wait until November 2012, they won’t have to put with anyone outside of their special subdistrict they can build and arrange to be put on the ballot for November 2012.

    All they have to do is just wait out 2011, which from this date forth is about 8 months from now. 8 months is no real big deal. And if one or two of those elections are tossed to other people, there is still 4 people on that city council that will vote for light rail.

    My feel is, the council is just playing a waiting game within the law. You just out wait your opponents until the law comes into your favor and get going. They could also be planning for 2012 for what they plan on doing….


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