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April 14, 2011

Come Help Me, Obama

by lewwaters

Background and earlier video at PrisonPlanet

Why call on Obama? Too many abdicated their parental responsibility to the state and since the initial stand-off with Police was over mandated medical treatment, anyone doubt the Mother supports Obamacare?

Won’t do any good to call on Obama. He’s not a messiah.

April 14, 2011

Bill Turlay Announces Run for Vancouver City Council, Pos. 6

by lewwaters

Bill Turlay, a US Navy Veteran actively involved in the community released the following statement this afternoon.


Today Bill Turlay announced his candidacy for Vancouver City Council Position #6, which is the seat currently being held by Pat Campbell . Bill’s announcement was delivered at the Clark County Republican Women’s luncheon held at Vancouver’s Club Green Meadows Banquet facility.

Turlay previously sought a council position in the 2009 election; he believes voters are ready for a more inclusive representative that will represent all of Vancouver and not just special interest groups.

Turlay cited three positions in his campaign platform; Preserving Livability within our neighborhoods, Zero Base Budgeting and more Government Transparency on issues facing taxpayers. ” It is incumbent on the Vancouver City Council to not incur any additional city debt, continue to drastically reduce its expenditures, extend payments for long term projects, and at the same time provide funding for core services.”

For more information please contact Susan Page, Campaign Manager at 360-253-6941 or

The Vancouver City Council has been unresponsive to many community concerns, especially in regards to the proposed Columbia River Crossing and extending Portland’s financially failing Light Rail into the community. Turlay has been an outspoken critic of many council actions.

April 14, 2011

Sharon Wylie, Do You Support A Vote on CRC?

by lewwaters

During the April 13, 2011 interviews to replace Democrat Jim Jacks, who abruptly quit as Washington State 49th Legislative District representative under what remains very mysterious reasons, Sharon Wylie who won the appointment was asked by Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, “Do you support a vote of the people before the work continues that CRC is doing in replacing the I-5 Bridge?” Does she actually answer?

During the initial process that selected 3 finalists for the appointment, she described herself as a “huge fan of light rail.”

Ms. Wylie has been sworn in since she won the appointment and will hold the seat at least until this November when she will have to run for reelection in a special election. Still, those of us living in the 49th district are entitled to see just who it is that was appointed to represent us and what they stand for.

You may view the entire interview and appointment process with the County Commission at CVTV