Come Help Me, Obama

by lewwaters

Background and earlier video at PrisonPlanet

Why call on Obama? Too many abdicated their parental responsibility to the state and since the initial stand-off with Police was over mandated medical treatment, anyone doubt the Mother supports Obamacare?

Won’t do any good to call on Obama. He’s not a messiah.

3 Comments to “Come Help Me, Obama”

  1. “Won’t do any good to call on Obama. He’s not a messiah.”

    Nope. But he sure thinks he is.


  2. First of all, you’re citing PrisonPlanet.

    Secondly, your comments about this make NO sense whatsoever. She’s black, she refused medical treatment and pleaded for Obama’s help, so she must support Obamacare? Seriously?

    Finally, what is the deal with Cons and Obama as messiah? This must be some kind of weird conservative meme. Whatever gets you guys through the day. 🙂


  3. PrisonPlanet had both videos. That is not what I classify as “citing.” Nowhere do I “cite,” which means “quote.”

    Alex Jones, goofy as he is, agrees with the woman. I do not.

    How typical of you to notice her skin color right off the bat. I fail to see where I mention it. Asking a question on her support of Obamacare is not stating she supports it. But, given that she calls on him, I imagin she might. Many people are fooled into believing it will give them more leeway over healthcare and are in for a rude awakening.

    As for his being a “messiah,” take a guess how many levels she skips to turn and call for his help? Notice too, no capitalization of the ‘M’ in messiah.

    Finally, what is the deal with you neo-coms and libs perusing conservative sites? Whatever gets you through the day, I guess. 😉


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