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April 18, 2011

Moveon Rallies Against Bank of America in Hazel Dell

by lewwaters

Some of the same faces seen before were seen on both sides of Hwy 99 in Hazel Dell this afternoon protesting the local branch of Bank of America accusing them of Corporate Greed, killing the American Dream, paying no taxes, the whole spiel we continually hear from the left.

I went over there, leaving shortly before the “official” start time of 4 PM having seen nothing of interest and not acting like their compadres in Portland did last Friday, having no desire to interfere with their acting as silly as they wish.

The signs were standard fair, nothing new or original, other than the crack about Donald Trump in the video, which I actually like and laughed at myself. It’s original and actually funny and well, let’s face it, Trump is a joke anyway.

I give credit to the young lady who thanked me for serving in the Military. As is well known, I wear my Vietnam Veteran hat just about everywhere I go and today was the first time I’ve ever mingled in with the Moveon crowd that anyone ever expressed thanks. At every Tea Party I go to, I receive dozens of expressions of appreciation.

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