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April 19, 2011

Did Obama Fall for a Smear on General McChrystal?

by lewwaters

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It was almost one year ago that Barack Obama unceremoniously “sacked” the Commanding General in the Afghanistan theater in large part due to what was written in a Rolling Stone article, “The Runaway General.”

It now appears that the article was more of a smear than anything else.

Obama, who has zero experience with Military or tactical matters didn’t take long to fall for what was written by Michael Hastings in Rolling Stone, accepting it as fully factual and “sacking” an effective General during war.

Could it also have been due to narcissism and his belief that he is above reproach and should not ever be questioned or opposed?

Obama continues to display no leadership skills, no solid foundation on bettering our country an is the worst example for president I have seen in my life to date.

If we wish to see a strong and prosperous nation emerge, we have to run someone against him in 2012 who knows what they are doing.

Can the GOP find such a person out of the crowd gathering today?