La Center Mayor’s Sarcasm Towards Citizen

by lewwaters

I recall a time, long ago now, when elected officials were known for respectful correspondence with people, even with opposing views. Like I said, long ago. Increasingly, we see constituents and others who contact elected officials receiving disrespectful and sarcastic replies, especially where extending Light Rail into Clark County from Portland, Oregon is concerned.

It is well known now that residents in Clark County who were promised a vote on the project will not be getting one. We were lied to apparently.

It is also a concern of opponents of Light Rail that crime increases with Light Rail. That was the concern of Jim Karlock when he contacted La Center, Washington Mayor Jim Irish, sending the Mayor a link to the article Delta Employees Attacked On MARTA Train, addressing a violent attack against some employees of Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia recently.

The reply Jim received from Mayor Irish is as sarcastic and unbelievable as any I have seen from an elected official.

From: Jim Karlock
Sent: Thu 4/21/2011 3:56 AM
To: “Jim Irish”
Subject: Delta Employees Attacked On MARTA Train

This is an inherent problem with rail transit – all doors open and there is NO GATE KEEPER to prevent criminal mobs attacking the train. Reminds one of the Great train robbery. Do you really want this in Vancouver?

Subject: RE: Delta Employees Attacked On MARTA Train
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 06:57:29 -0700
From: “Jim Irish”
To: “Jim Karlock”

No car driving so that you don’t have drive by shootings of innocent youth or children….or are they really innocent?

No walking on the streets so that you don’t become a victim of a robbery or assault cause of your race, creed, social stature, or sexual orientation…..or are those people enticing this type of reaction from the mobbers/assualters?

No eating in a restaurant cause they do not prepare the organic veggies or no steroidal meats therefore inducing chemicals into your immune system…..or do the patrons like it cause it adds TASTE to the food?

No gas stations for cars cause they are the latent cause of cancer emissions and gasses that pollute the air humans (?) breath…..or should people hold their breath or wear oxygen mask when they leave their safe (?) homes with their chemically treated air purifiers/filters?

No battery chargers for those non-air polluting cars, trains and busses cause they acidify the atmosphere with positive charges ions from the electroplating cleaning of the PbO3 battery plates……who cares about acid rain, shoot the coal plants give us electricity to run those battery chargers right? so it has to be a good thing, right?

WHERE are all the GATE KEEPERS for each circumstance stated above?

Maybe it is because each person put on this planet called Earth are responsible for making their own choices and not the GATE KEEPERS that someone else has chosen to tell the rest of humanity what is right or wrong Mr. Karlock…..that is why in America we have the RIGHT to free will and freedom of choice?

Thank you for your lack of 360 degrees of information and your one-sidedness.

Have a Happy Easter.

Mayor Irish, about that “RIGHT to free will and freedom of choice,” how come that does not include a free and binding vote whether or not taxpayers are willing to place future generations of Clark County citizens in debt for this $4.6 Billion project?

A member of the Ruling Class has spoken. Sit down, shut up and hand over your money.

10 Comments to “La Center Mayor’s Sarcasm Towards Citizen”

  1. Irish shares the fringe left characteristic of massive arrogance along the lines of Jim Moeller. As a wholly owned tribal subsidiary, he’s already sold out his community to the megacasino, and now he’s ready to throw the rest of us under the bus (So to speak) on loot rail.

    It’s just sad that he’s anywhere in government.


  2. As I keep saying, we no longer have elected representatives, we have set up a ruling class to direct us they see fit.


  3. I don’t know if I’m more astonished by his disrespectful tone or by his inability to construct a coherent sentence. It’s a toss-up.


  4. One side note is Mr. Irish has been on the C-tran Board. That may be why Jim was sending him comments about some transportation subject.

    One question I really have wanted to ask Josephine and Jim is that do they believe when they continue to come up to the Clark County representives at the City, Regional and County level, are they being heard anymore? Watch the faces for the past few months when they come and speak in front of any of these bodies.


  5. Mayor Jim Irish is fairly plain that irrational fears and fear mongering are not going to be driving most local governments. I think the elections are proving over and over that the general public backs this up.


  6. Yes we know, Pat. That’s why all of you are rushing to grant us the vote we were promised last year, isn’t it?


  7. Section 8 housing and welfare and the Crime Train will all bring more blacks and latino gang bangers to Clark County, and we’ll have an even bigger crime wave of black and hispanic gang crime than we have now.

    This is leadership? What a joke.


  8. Gangbangers are not restricted to Blacks and Hispanics, Jackson.

    While I agree on the increase of crime associated with light rail, I can’t blame one or two ethnicities for it.


  9. I’m not surprised by Pat Campbell’s defense of the ill-mannered Mayor Irish. Pat makes a habit of treating those with whom he disagrees with an equal degree of contempt.


  10. Ok, Question.

    Mr. Campbell, why do you not have a dialogue with us like you so famously used to do instead of coming and going and posting rattling-on commentaries? I may not agree with past commentaries but these drive by postings bother me.

    Please have some commentary that is associated with subject instead of posting rambling comments.

    I used to love reading your great commentary on various subjects around town but lately, I tire when seeing the random posts. I am starting to wonder if this is really Pat, the city council member?


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