Marine Corporal David Hedrick Still Blaming His Wife

by lewwaters

Abraham Lincoln is credited with once saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” I am hard pressed to see a more fitting example of that than when it comes to former 3rd Congressional District candidate and self professed “Icon of the Tea Party” Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick.

Ever since he burst on the scene with his verbal confrontation against former 3rd Congressional District Representative Brian Baird in August 2009, Hedrick has worked to keep his name out in the public. From his better than expected run for Baird’s position after he announced retirement to his attempt at literary genius in writing a children’s book, he seems to not want the community to forget who he is.

One such effort was not expected nor wanted by him, I’m sure. That being his arrest in October 2010 for Domestic Violence, that he was acquitted of earlier this year. The acquittal was no great surprise as his wife recanted the allegations she first leveled against him. Some accept her recantation and others do not as is always the case in such matters. In the end, no one among us knows what really happened that evening but Hedrick and his wife.

What I found abnormal though, was a series of animated videos that appeared on his YouTube page where Hedrick exonerates himself for whatever transpired that evening and paints his wife as an out of control abusive woman. The videos have since been made private and cannot be seen by the public.

But, even though set to private, nearly the exact message was relayed to US Digital owner David made recently in a series of interviews put up on the web site ‘

David Hedrick on Domestic Violence Case, Tea Party

There is such a thing as ‘overkill’ and in my estimation, Hedrick’s efforts to cleanse his tarnished reputation at the expense of his wife is just that.

Listening to him speak through the 6 segments, his wife, the Police, the Columbian, the District Attorney, the Courts, everybody carries blame in what happened from the time of his arrest to his acquittal, except him.

He seems to see himself as the epitome of perfection in his conduct and as an innocent victim of an abusive wife, who he remains with.

Wouldn’t most people be willing to put it behind them and be happy that the charges were dropped and he was acquitted? And, if his wife were all that bad, would they remain?

I saw his wife at few campaign events and although I did not speak with her, she never impressed me as the super jealous, over bearing type of woman he portrays her as.

Comparing his interview with David Madore and the animated videos from before, it sounds very scripted and rehearsed to me.

Too, I have a lot of respect for David Madore and his efforts in our community. He is a very successful businessman and a very bright individual. His entry into politics is recent and well-intentioned, as is his site ‘

This is the second interview he has put up with a local political figure of questionable motive and character, granting them pretty much a free mic.

I hope his political naiveté doesn’t end up clouding his common sense.

12 Comments to “Marine Corporal David Hedrick Still Blaming His Wife”

  1. It’s causing me to re-evaluate.


  2. I’m interested in Hedricks’ description of the police refusing he and his wife their Fourth Amendment rights. His wife told the cops not to enter the house, she would speak with them on the porch. They pushed her out of the way and entered anyway. Hedrick himself then told them they weren’t allowed inside the house, and that they (the Hedrick’s), would speak with them on the porch.

    The cops told him that they were allowed to enter under the “community caretaking” interpretation of the 4th amendment. That was a bogus claim because using community caretaking to justify entering the house would mean that “the police must have reasonable grounds to believe that there is an emergency at hand and an immediate need for their assistance for the protection of life or property”. Well, his wife answered the door. She wasn’t in immediate danger, and could easily exit the house if she chose.

    Another case of lying, out-of-control cops throwing their weight around. I hope the Hedricks sue the county. Too bad cops are immune from those lawsuits. I’d like to see them spend time in the pokey for stuff like that.


  3. I hope he sues them too, although maybe not for the same reason you do, Craig 😉


  4. Cops need to be kept in line. They shouldn’t be thugs and the thugs should be weeded out.


  5. There is a fine line there that is too often blurred.

    By the same token, we also give them grief if they don’t take action or protect someone they could have too.

    Thugs do need weeded out, but we also have to remember we hire them to protect us from thugs.

    I’d like to actually hear the Cops version of events too.


  6. I don’t understand your twist on this Lew. I listened to the entire interview and don’t see Hedrick thowing his wife under the bus as you imply. He didn’t say she was abusive – he didn’t even imply that. He did say that she was out of control at the time, and apparently by her own admission, she was.

    Who cares if it’s ‘scripted’? Of course Hedrick is going to organize his thoughts for the interview and put things in a favorable light. I’d do the same thing if my reputation were muddied by political hacks in the City Attorney’s office and by The Columbian’s John Laird.

    The real culprits in this case are Deputy Sheriff Jesse Henschel of CCSO and City Assistant Attorney Patrick Robinson. Henschel should be reprimanded for exceeding his authority and Robinson should be charged with malicious prosecution and fired.


  7. Craig, you are only hearing Hedrick’s side.

    Why even rehash this? He was acquitted, it’s over, drop it. Is this his plan to run for office again? A 200 pound former Marine subdues an out of control 105 pound woman by clumsily taking her to the floor?

    If you wish to admire him, be my guest. He lost me when he tried to pull that tired old “classified mission” nonsense on me. That and several other matters he pulled that I am aware of.

    Too bad he wasn’t up front and honest.


  8. uh…Lew, you’re the guy who brought it up. I’d be happy to drop it. If you don’t want to discuss it, don’t bring it up.

    I don’t know how you figure that I ‘admire’ him. I was simply pointing out that you put your own twist on what he actually said, and that the guys who have been reckless (Henschel and Robinson) are getting a free pass.


  9. Uh, Craig, Hedrick is who brought it up again. He was acquited, as I expected and nothing more has been said until now, after he did the interview on it.

    I said “If you wish to admire him.”

    Without hearing Henschel and Robinson, how can you determnine they are “reckless” based solely on Hedrick’s word? Due to past interactions and conduct, his word alone means little to me.


  10. Lew, Craig & Kelly – The really big thing I think that seriously bothers me is WHY he felt that he needed to out to David Madore? Why could he not have done that interview privately and shared the response online? He could have done a nice Youtube online that could have been a whole lot easier and may have gotten more sympathy and political points.

    It also bothered me a heck of a lot that he had to use his wife as a dumping for what happened. I have no problem that his wife has issues, that she is seeking help for them but why does David have to spend 45 minutes beating his wife’s name to a virtual pulp in front of a camera?

    Its one thing to have a problem, it is another to use the media the way he did to air a problem and to pound it over and over as a stump speech. You know, more and more, thinking about the 45 minutes watching that video, it sounded like a political stump speech, rehearsed and glad handing on video than it did a real problem that needed to be fixed.

    I have a lot to say but this is probably better to be kept short to these couple of simple points out.


  11. In my estimation, Jeremy, he sought out Madore to give himself a little credibility.

    I have the copies of the YouTube animated videos either he did or some did for him and both follow along the same script.


  12. You both touched on the most important start of what had to be the start of everything. Why did or What was the officer,s motivation for pushing in the house, not having one. Of them leave, and or overstep on no probable cause on-site (upon arrival) that he continued with arresting. There is a history with this officer from what other posts have eluded. And the Columbian seems to be blocking them.


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