The Whitewash of Jim Jacks is on

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

See update after post for additional revelations in this odd case.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

The Columbian threw us a bone Saturday with a teaser piece on Democrat Jim Jacks, former representative for the 49th legislative district admitting to being an alcoholic and that being the reason he suddenly quit his office March 25 and nearly all history of him was scrubbed from Olympia even before the media was notified.

Being available only in the print edition, the article, if you wish to call it that, plays residents of Clark County, especially us in the 49th district as fools.

Lou Brancaccio, editor of the Columbian tells us that Jacks had a “moment of clarity” all of a sudden in March, resigned his seat, climbed into the passenger seat of his wife’s car and had her drive him straight to rehab.

End of story. Well, if you’re a Democrat in Washington State it is.

Blogs broke the news of Jacks being an alcoholic the day he resigned, here and here as well as allegations floating around Olympia of “inappropriate conduct” that is just about always associated with an alcoholic. In fact, being faced with such misconduct is what usually brings about that a “moment of clarity” that encourages them to finally seek help.

Not so, we are led to believe with the angelic Jim Jacks, even though a total clamp-down on any news concerning him was in place as he walked down the Capital Steps to his wife’s waiting car. Requests for any public records were rejected with the notation, “Your request makes assumptions about both the existence of records and our ability to provide them. Without commenting on the existence of any such records, I should point out that this request encompasses records which are not public records as defined by state law.”

At least two reporters from the Olympia area have written formal letters to the legislature seeking that “Transparency” Sharon Wylie claims Democrats believe in. One reporter states in their letter, “As you are probably aware, rumors are rife at the statehouse. Some may be true, some may not be. Some involve matters of public trust. Clearly the resignation of a member in the middle of a legislative session is a matter of great public interest. But unless some sort of explanation is provided, or the matter surfaces in another forum, there will be suspicions that something is being kept from the public.

On those rumors floating all over, Brancaccio tells us he “asked Jacks if his drinking resulted in his doing anything inappropriate” and Jacks “wasn’t exactly sure what I meant” at first.

Jacks replied, “I have no criminal record. I’ve gotten no DUIs. I’m sure I’ve driven when I should not have been driving. But I resigned because I had to fix my problem. I resigned because I’m an alcoholic.

Brancaccio says he “pressed him further” asking, “is it possible that someone might show up later and say you did something inappropriate to them while you were drinking?”

Jacks says “no.

We are now to believe the Cone of Silence that descended around Jacks even before any announcement of his sudden and abrupt quitting was made public was nothing special, not out of the norm.

I was made aware of another letter sent to the legislature in support of the one above that included,

Patrick Henry said, ‘The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them’.”
“The resignation of a sitting legislator is certainly the type of ‘transaction’ Patrick Henry had in mind.”
“The people of the state of Washington, and particularly the people of Clark County, are entitled to know why Jacks resigned in such a hasty fashion. While ‘rumors are rife at the statehouse,’ that’s all the public has right now: rumors. They are entitled to hard facts because without them, the rumors will continue to circulate, and they will grow. Whenever the imagination is given leave to wander in matters such as this it invariably wanders to the dark places. If you wish to make what people say far worse than what really happened then continue your present silence on the matter.

Another way to accomplish that is seeing the disparity in how elected officials from the two major parties are treated in these matters and the attempt a whitewash that does not clear anything up and only adds more fuel to the fire.

In the past, elected officials have denied any wrongdoing and according to Lou Brancaccio, they had a paper trail to follow to reveal that they did indeed commit some wrongdoing.

He has maintained all along that no such paper trail existed or could be found in the case of Jacks. Now, he has a paper trail in this discussion he has had with Jacks. Will he pursue it further as the paper has done in the past?

I suspect not what with Lou closing his whitewash out with,

I told Jacks there will always be those will want to tear someone down, use information against them.
But my sense is, most in the community, no matter if they’re a Democrat or a Republican, think better of someone who admits their mistakes and is working to better themselves after that admission.
The community can have a moment of clarity, as well.

In other words, Lou is telling us to move along, nothing to see here.

As I was told by a reporter up in Olympia, “This is most assuredly NOT a simple case of an alcoholic legislator. And if the follow-up story portrays it that way, it’s missing the boat.” He also said, “the reaction of the House Democratic caucus to the Jacks situation is as much a story as Jacks himself. It will be interesting to see if the Columbian’s follow-up covers this issue.

As we see now, the Columbian has chosen to continue the whitewash even to the point of admonishing the public to have their own “moment of clarity” and drop it.

If only Republican candidates and elected officials received such preferential treatment in the pages of the Columbian.

I for one don’t appreciate it when someone tries to pull the wool over my eyes. The Columbian may continue to ignore this story, but it is obvious there is much more to it. Whether or not it ever comes out will depend solely on the so far non-existent curiosity of the media and the Democrat party showing they actually do believe in and practice the words of Sharon Wylie, “Democrats believe in transparency.”

The Jim Jacks matter is about the least transparent thing I’ve seen since efforts were made to cover-up the Watergate break-in in the Nixon administration.

But, Nixon was a Republican. Jacks is a Democrat.

UPDATE: By all indications in Lou’s columns, Jacks acted on impulse to coming to suddenly realize his problem. As stated in the Sunday column, he had a “moment of clarity.” What exactly led to that moment of clarity is left unsaid. However, questions are raised now on the claim of such a “moment of clarity” in reading,

Jacks’ legislative website had been taken down and his name expunged from the electronic voting machine in the House before the resignation was announced. Members were quoted in news stories as saying that the resignation had been discussed days in advance.”
Reports on file at the state Public Disclosure Commission indicate that Jacks transferred remaining campaign funds to the House Democratic Caucus two days before the resignation. And the letter of resignation itself was faxed from a location in Oregon.”

Washington State Wire

The Democratic Party needs to clear up about Jacks being in Oregon the morning of March 25, 2011 when he sent in his letter of resignation. We have been led to believe he was present in Olympia at the time of his resignation and now, we hear he was staying at a hotel in Oregon?

The Columbian would do well to end this whitewash and get to the truth of this matter. As I have said before, the longer this drags out, the more of a campaign issue it will be in this years special election. The people of Clark County and the 49th legislative district deserve to know the truth, just as we were told in the cases of the past concerning Republicans.

23 Comments to “The Whitewash of Jim Jacks is on”

  1. “There will always be those in the media who cover for democrats while they do everything they can to tear down Republicans or anyone else who oppose their agenda.

    But my sense is, most in the community, no matter if they’re a Democrat or a Republican, believe that a slimy democrat propaganda sheet like our local paper would think better of an editor who admits the truth and is working to better themselves after that admission.

    The community can have a moment of clarity, as well.”

    The truth is this: Jacks is an alcoholic. But that is not why he left the legislature.

    The truth concerns what he was doing while he was drinking. And the rag has completely abrogated their duty… DUTY to the community they allegedly serve… the community they sniveled so loudly about to get their huge B&O tax break while the rest of us had to pay more… to tell ALL of the truth… not just the pap they put out to cover Jacks’… and the democrats… collective ass.

    There is no way..BrancaccioBrnacaccio would have treated a Republican this way. And we know this for the simple reason that while Lou crucifies Republicans… he ALWAYS lets dems of the hook.

    Leavitt… Stuart… Moeller… and now Jacks.

    But then, we never expected anything better.


  2. At least, this is a crack in the cone of silence.

    There are actually some reporters interested in getting to the bottom of this and they have met a stone wall at every turn.

    Lou is a fool if he thinks his whitewash ends it.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.


  3. You might want to also add why did other print, online and AV media cut the comments and story line a week after they started reporting it? Was there some direct influence from the party or a certain media outlet to shut down this story?

    I doubt the local democrat party could have coned this story to keep it under down and control without a lot of help….


  4. It’s obvious that whatever caused Jacks to resign so abruptly has been easily “silenced”, so let’s do a “nasty” and “speculate”. Using the process of obvious “elimination”, what does it “appear” that it was it obviously “not”?

    1. Not a DUI

    2. Not an outright “criminal act” where police were called.

    3. Not “just being a drunk”.

    So what else could “possibly” cause the guy to resign so abruptly?

    1. Strong “Physical threats” to his wife and/or family.

    2. A nasty “multiple affair”.

    3. Multiple use of “prostitutes”.

    4. Attempts to “force himself” on women or men.

    5. “Misappropriation” of funds to support drinking, gambling, or sex.

    In those 5 instances, “silence” on the part of the victim(s) and colleagues would keep the matter(s) “contained”.

    So it’s apparent that somebody is “swallowing” whatever happened to:

    1. Protect the family.

    2. Protect the Party.

    3. Preserve the seat.

    That’s what it “looks like”.


  5. That’s what you get when you try to cover something up, Jack. Just ask any of those still alive who were involved in Watergate.

    Difference is, the media didn’t buy any of it then like they are today.


  6. I don’t think the Media was as much “in the tank” for the Democrats as it is today, Lew. Today’s Media is disgusting.


  7. I was still in Germany for a lot of that time, Jack, didn’t get back to the US until March 1974.

    After being outside the country for nearly 5 years, between Vietnam and Germany, what a mess to return to.

    Looking back, I can see the left lean then too, but as you say, nowhere near what it is today. Only a couple media sources aren’t in the tank for the liberals today, it appears.


  8. Upon reflection… somebody got played here.

    Either Jacks played Brancaccio (unlikely. After all, Lou is God’s Gift to Journalism) or Brancaccio is playing us.

    Either way, this did not go down the Brancaccio is expecting us to believe it. My sources told me what the deal was. And with the update, there can be no doubt that this was a planned exit… and that, once again, Brancaccio is failing in his journalistic duty (if he even knows what that is) to get to, or to print, the truth.

    And what got printed today is not the truth.


  9. In my estimation, the public is being played. As earlier noted, the wagons circled quickly as soon as his resignation was known. By the update, I see the wagons were circled even before the resignation was known.

    It would seem, once again, the “journalistic duty” of the media is to protect the Democrat Party, keeping sheeple believing they are not corrupt and are above board when it is obvious they are not.

    Jacks going into rehab is not reason enough to justify the cone of silence and removal of all information on him prior to his resignation. Too many others have swallowed their pride, gone through rehab and continued to hold office, even being reelected.

    Like you I am very disappointed at the silence of the GOP in this whole matter. I do not for a minute believe no Republican knows what was going down in Olympia that led up to this.

    And, with the month long lag so far, what was done to contain the damage and silence targets?

    Nixon made a huge mistake trying to cover-up Watergate and today, Washington State Democrats are making the same mistake. Now that the cone of silence is cracked, eventually more will leak out, even if a little at a time.

    Brancaccio’s little piece did not put anything to rest. On the contrary, he just raised more questions that demand answers.


  10. It’s very obvious that the State GOP doesn’t have any cojones. That’s why the State is run by Democrats.


  11. That’s the Bellevue Mafia for you.

    Look at where Luke Esser went when he lost the chair, right over to lobbying for the SEIU.

    That’s also how we ended up with Herrera-Beutler, clueless as she is.


  12. Lew: “Difference is, the media didn’t buy any of it then like they are today.”

    That, plus in watergate, the bad guys had an R after their name.


  13. They think we don’t notice, GM.

    Instead, they just keep pounding their chest crying they are not biased.

    Maybe the left buys that, but we can see it plain as day.


  14. If a top-of-the-fold/headline/Saturday-Sunday/front-page-with-photo is not enough for you then as an attorney, a voter, and a human being, I would recommend both the Columbian and Jim Jacks say not one more word on the issue. If it’s going to be a campaign issue next year then so be it.


  15. Martin, as I understand it, attorneys always recommend clients clam up for their own protection.

    I suspect neither Jacks nor the Columbian will say anything more, but the truth will be leaking out in time. None of the stonewall erected rises to the level of a simple treatment for alcoholism. Not the supposedly abrupt handwritten letter of resignation faxed from Hood River that morning, not transferring his left over campaign funds to the Democratic Caucus two days prior, or scrubbing his name and information from the roster before the media even was told.

    None of it passes the smell test and even if our local media tries to sweep it under the rug, there are several others up in Olympia pursuing the truth.

    And, I will remind you of his replacement, Sharon Wylie and her claim of “Democrats believe in transparency.”

    If so, we should see some, shouldn’t we?


  16. One has to wonder, where are the Democrats who aren’t total Leftist morons? Why aren’t they speaking up?

    We have lots of Conservatives bashing Republicans, but aren’t there any Conservative Democrats?

    Are they in hiding?


  17. The GOP won’t touch this either, for some reason.


  18. The GOP is afraid of it’s own shadow. That’s why Democrats run this state. Democrats are ruthless people.


  19. I hoping Kirby Wilbur can help them grow a pair, but the Bellevue Mafia is deeply entrenched in the party.

    How someone can be proud of being a milquetoast and losing elections time and again is beyond me.


  20. Gentlemen, Craig Riley announced for the position yesterday. Put your efforts into supporting him. He needs money and volunteers, and other campaign related services. Use the “Jim Jacks” issue and anti-Lou rhetoric for something constructive. Let Craig’s election prove you right or wrong.


  21. Craig Riley is a good guy, Martin.

    But, his entering the race doesn’t mean this effort at sweeping Jacks under the rug will be forgotten or just go away.

    Don’t forget, it isn’t only the two of us down here seeing this doesn’t pass the smell test, but journalists up in Olympia who will not be involved in Craig’s campaign.


  22. What is most obvious is The Columbians’ bending over backwards to make things easier on Jacks. We never saw this sort of “civility” with Curtis or Dunn.


  23. You’ll never see it with any Republican so long as liberals control the media.

    Just like the Whoopi Goldberg video I compiled, it’s only disrespectful to slam a president if he is a Democrat. Republcians are fair game for any level of vitriol they desire.


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