Whoopi Goldberg: Disrespecting The President Makes Us Look Idiotic

by lewwaters

Now that the Obama Administration has released a long form birth certificate, even though it too is already being questioned, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg slams Donald Trump as a racist for pursuing the long sought after issue. Inadvertently though, she makes an unbelievable comment that convinces me more just how delusional and out of touch with reality many on the left are.

H/T Mediaite with a special thanks to ABC’s The View for exposing their own hypocrisy.

8 Responses to “Whoopi Goldberg: Disrespecting The President Makes Us Look Idiotic”

  1. A new TV program could be: “Lefties Say The Damndest Things!”. It would undoubtedly have a lot more viewers than “The View” in any case.

    Apparently those morons don’t realize how incredibly stupid they look.

  2. I have a difficult time believing people on the left have such short memories.

    And they claim we on the right are out of touch?

  3. And who better to know what “idiotic” looks like?

  4. Besides Ms. Goldberg, I can think of a few elected officials 😉

  5. Lew, local, state, regional and federal elected officials?

  6. Maybe a few, Jeremy 😉

  7. We got moonbeam and newsome, the gay blade here in the former golden state.


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