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May 7, 2011

Pat Campbell Talks Light Rail

by lewwaters

At the May 2, 2011 Vancouver, Washington City Council Meeting, Council Member Pat Campbell relayed the above description of a trip he took on Portland, Oregon’s Light Rail Max Line that sent Pat to a Bar, er, actually it was a Starbucks. Knowing that Pat is a strong supporter of extending Light Rail into our community, I thought I’d have a little fun by editing in comments from others taken from earlier meetings. The trip description itself is unedited, though.

In a previous Columbian article on new group formed in support of Loot Rail, Pat Campbell applauded them with, “Great to see some forward thinking, common sense folks taking this on!”

Of course, that was before his nightmare trip that had him end up in a bar, well, actually a Starbucks.”

Has his view of Loot Rail changed any?

My guess is NO!

May 7, 2011

From Cowboy Politics to a Rodeo Clown?

by lewwaters

Since the horrific attacks on our nation September 11, 2001 and the decision of then President George W. Bush to finally fight back against the growing threat of radical Islamist terror, the pejorative “Cowboy Politics” entered our daily speak to express disapproval of President Bush.

From “you are either with us or against us” to “bring it on,” President Bush was accused of being a “cowboy” in the world political stage and taking a stand against terror. Regardless of what he did, someone vocalized opposition often to include some reference to his being from the state of Texas.

American media especially seemed to make the term “cowboy” derogatory whenever used in connection with George W. Bush and his policies in fighting terrorists.

Fast forward to 2011, May 1 exactly. With the war still going on and the mastermind of those attacks long ago still eluding justice, Barack Obama went before the world to state not that he had been captured, but a risky secret operation had succeeded in killing Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

Even before his short speech ended, crowds gathered outside of the White House chanting “USA, USA, USA,” and “four more years” and no doubt some in attendance expressed relief from that they called “cowboy politics” when George W. Bush was in power.

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