Pat Campbell Talks Light Rail

by lewwaters

At the May 2, 2011 Vancouver, Washington City Council Meeting, Council Member Pat Campbell relayed the above description of a trip he took on Portland, Oregon’s Light Rail Max Line that sent Pat to a Bar, er, actually it was a Starbucks. Knowing that Pat is a strong supporter of extending Light Rail into our community, I thought I’d have a little fun by editing in comments from others taken from earlier meetings. The trip description itself is unedited, though.

In a previous Columbian article on new group formed in support of Loot Rail, Pat Campbell applauded them with, “Great to see some forward thinking, common sense folks taking this on!”

Of course, that was before his nightmare trip that had him end up in a bar, well, actually a Starbucks.”

Has his view of Loot Rail changed any?

My guess is NO!

4 Comments to “Pat Campbell Talks Light Rail”

  1. I rode MAX just last month. It was cold and rainy for the 15 minutes I spent waiting for my train at Lloyd’s Center, during which 2 men and 1 woman asked me for money. 1 of the men asked me repeatedly and I had to raise my voice to get him to leave my wife and I alone. The train car was full of people but the loud teenagers were the most distracting, and something smelled bad. We walked a lot once we got downtown because the lines are limited, and I wasn’t familar with the bus schedule. (Anyway, the bus kiosks were so crowded that we would have had to stand in the rain waiting). We missed our train back and had to wait 10 minutes in the rain then walk 10 minutes to the Lloyd’s parking lot. A car would have been (and is) cheaper.

    For me, Light Rail is a bust, but I guess I’ll have to pay tolls and maintenace costs for it so that 7-8% of the population who like it can have it.

  2. It’s obvious that had Pat just taken his car that he would have gotten where he wanted to go in a timely fashion without the SNAFUs.

    There has to be something really wrong with people who can’t see that mass transit is a tremedous time-waster, and that you could hire a limousine and actually make the trip much cheaper.

  3. At a Washougal council meeting, a citizen reported he used to take the MAX to Portland, until he tried the bus and discovered it was faster. I attempted to use the CTRAN trip planner to go to OHSU from Camas, and the route suggested was by bus, about 81 minutes from Fisher’s Landing Transit Center to OHSU. An alternate using the streetcar was a little longer, about 85 minutes from Fisher’s landing. Apparently the system chooses the fastest trip method, and the MAX didn’t come up at all. In the end, I called the CTRAN number for trip planning, and they provided info not available through the online trip planner. Having run out of time, I resorted to a car, and made the trip in about 45 minutes from Camas, (including 2 wrong turns.) The MAX or trolley fixed lines offer limited destinations and require more transfers compared to buses or cars.

  4. One week ago I decided to ride the C-TRAN bus from Fishers’ Landing to the mall and onto fourth plain. I caught the ‘Express Bus’ that went to the MAX station. I wrote the buses back and forth on fourth plain for two whole days in a row. I did this to look for the “ridership” that C-TRAN claims were there to justify spending millions for a Bus Rapid Transit on 4th Plain. Well, if they consider the need for speed to deliver a couple of drug dealers (I witness what appears to be ‘a deal’ with my own eyes) and a couple of unemployed folks to MAX then I guess they are justified. Otherwise, they are delusional to think that they need BRT for the “working folks”!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TAXPAYER’S dollars!!!

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