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May 9, 2011

What’s Leavitt & Crew Up To Now?

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Latest tweets from Andrea Damewood

Interesting tweet from the Columbian’s Andrea Damewood tonight.

Do voters and taxpayers mean anything to Mayor Leavitt and the city council?

Vancouver might veto countywide light-rail vote

“Led by Mayor Tim Leavitt, the Vancouver City Council indicated Monday that it may use its block veto powers to keep the C-Tran board from making a final decision on just who will get to vote on a proposed sales tax for light rail and bus rapid transit.”

Candidate Leavitt Said,

“Our vote at CTRAN came with siginificant deliberation and consideration of the data, alternatives and estimated costs of the project. I was extremely pleased, as Chair of the Board, that 8 of the 9 elected officials arrived at a conclusion that they could support. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure! As a Board, we supported (in general terms) a replacement bridge with light rail transit. However, we did place conditions on our approval; most of important of which (in my opinion) is that a) CTRAN won’t ask the voters of Clark County for additional tax to pay for light rail construction, and b) additional tax to support the operation/maintenance of light rail in Clark County would require asking the voters to approve. I believe those are reasonable caveats for the high capacity transit component of the project.”

LRT into Vancouver January 2, 2009

It is time a recall was launched on this egomaniac.