What’s Leavitt & Crew Up To Now?

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Latest tweets from Andrea Damewood

Interesting tweet from the Columbian’s Andrea Damewood tonight.

Do voters and taxpayers mean anything to Mayor Leavitt and the city council?

Vancouver might veto countywide light-rail vote

“Led by Mayor Tim Leavitt, the Vancouver City Council indicated Monday that it may use its block veto powers to keep the C-Tran board from making a final decision on just who will get to vote on a proposed sales tax for light rail and bus rapid transit.”

Candidate Leavitt Said,

“Our vote at CTRAN came with siginificant deliberation and consideration of the data, alternatives and estimated costs of the project. I was extremely pleased, as Chair of the Board, that 8 of the 9 elected officials arrived at a conclusion that they could support. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure! As a Board, we supported (in general terms) a replacement bridge with light rail transit. However, we did place conditions on our approval; most of important of which (in my opinion) is that a) CTRAN won’t ask the voters of Clark County for additional tax to pay for light rail construction, and b) additional tax to support the operation/maintenance of light rail in Clark County would require asking the voters to approve. I believe those are reasonable caveats for the high capacity transit component of the project.”

LRT into Vancouver January 2, 2009

It is time a recall was launched on this egomaniac.

4 Comments to “What’s Leavitt & Crew Up To Now?”

  1. What’s up?

    If they only allow the vote in a district, it might win and the district will include every retail center in the county, meaning that while we again didn’t have any say, we’d sure have the privilege of again paying his tax… and increasing the numbers of us dumping retail in this county for crossing the river on I-205…

    If they allow it county wide it has no chance, and Tim “The Liar” Leavitt knows that. Anything else is eyewash.

  2. It’s too bad we can’t tar and feather any longer.

    I’m ready for a mass protest outside city hall

  3. I voted for Leavitt because he campaigned on “no tolls!” He lied and should be recalled for the simple act of fraud. He “changed his mind” doesn’t cut it, either!

  4. Comment received from Tom Niewulis
    Samuel Adams Returns

    The sad aspect of what this Mayor and the majority of the Council are proposing is an act of Tyranny according to the established expectations of a free people under the guise of a Constitutionally guaranteed Republic. This proposed action is due to the ignorance that has embodied the majority of the elected and electorate as to how even local government is to function. If one actually studies and understands our Foundational First Principles, the elected are “Servants” of the people and not an oligarchy that determines how to benefit a few. In this case, it seems that the Mayor and the majority of the Council do NOT represent the people of Vancouver but the unions, the governors of Wa and Or, the Presidents agenda, the private property owners and the companies that will benefit from light-rail in particular.

    As Bastiat notes in his work “The Law” the actions of this Mayor and the majority of the Council is called “legal plunder.” This activity enslaves the people! What the Free Sovereign Citizens of the City of Vancouver, the Cities of Clark County and Clark County in general is that we have the explicit Right to tell the elect persons what to do. They must respond to the people and not do that which will enslave us. They are to protect our Liberties and Property. Property in this instance includes our money. Their responsibility is to refuse to plunder the people for the benefit of a few!

    The people must converge on these elected persons and demand that they hold to their oaths of office and not capitulate to the few who would take from us for their own gain.

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