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May 10, 2011

C-Tran Board Caves to Leavitt & Crew

by lewwaters

From the Columbian

Stalled by the threat of a bloc veto by members of the Vancouver City Council, the C-Tran board agreed Tuesday to put off deciding the boundaries for a 2012 sales tax vote on light rail and bus rapid transit.

Before the board Tuesday was a proposal put forward by board member and Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart that called for a 0.1 percent sales tax vote go before voters in all of C-Tran’s service area in either August or November 2012.

But on Monday night, the Vancouver City Council, led by Mayor Tim Leavitt, said it wanted more time to hear details on a districtwide vote versus a narrower subdistrict before making a call. The council threatened to vote down Stuart’s proposal as it stood.

Less than 2 weeks ago, newly announced CRC Director Nancy Boyd said,

“We are shifting into delivery mode. We’re transitioning from planning … into how are we going to deliver the project. It’s really an exciting time, and we’re refocusing the staff on getting all the plans put to reality.”

CRC is going into delivery mode while Leavitt stalls a citizen vote?

I’m voting NO on anything related to C-Tran. No vote, let it go broke.